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Drake Cameron review

Summary: Put two photographers together, named Drake and Cameron, let them loose to find the hottest amateur men around, and then have them film their explorations in HD. What you get is a great gay porn site that focuses on quality over quantity, but gives you a bit enough collection that you're not going to be bored anytime soon.

Score 85.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-10-11

Amateur, Hardcore, Hunks-and-Muscle, Solo

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Intro promises

HD videos
Multiple languages
Exclusive content
Weekly updates
High res photos and screencaps

First impression

Drake Cameron is not the name of a gay porn mode, but Drake and Cameron, the photographers behind the site. Their tastes run towards the average guy look, not overly buffed or twink, but a good combination of men. They are very hands on with the site, running the site, filming the content, and handling everything else that comes their way. I'm a fan of photographer run sites, especially when they're obviously passionate about the subject.

The main member's area is a duplicate of the tour, more or less. It has clean lines, soothing colors, and you get some immediate eye candy from the latest sets. There's a basic navigation and a bit of news, and you can also browse around with a models directory.


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Our opinion

Photographer run sites are either really good or really bad, and it looks like Drake and Cameron are running a good looking ship here. Weekly updates add to a collection of 29 video and photo sets. The themes tend to be towards the solo admiration of each of the models, although a few of them bring friends along that help in the sets.

I'm really enjoying the episode pages. There's a nice photo at the top, alongside a Flash video. The model stats are underneath this section and video information. The streaming options are displayed, the downloads come below that, and finally there's the photo shoot and screencap set. There's a lot of information here, and it's all displayed in a way that makes it simple to go through.

The amount of viewing options allows you plenty of flexibility when it comes to getting a format that fits your porn watching style. The first Flash version is shown at 1028x720 and 2 mbps, and the second is 960x540 and 1 mbps. An interesting streaming option is the Iphone streaming, which ranges between 250kbps and 800 kbps. I don't usually see streaming videos tailored to the Iphone, so that's a nice feature.

Downloads are available as WMV and MP4 in four different qualities. You get the expected HD qualities shown at 1920x1080 and and 1024x720 and. Then you also have 960x540 and and 640x360 and. As expected, the higher end HD videos are rather massive files that can take some time to download, so you might want to go with the lower options when you're in a hurry. The quality is overwhelmingly good, and these photographers certainly have an eye for the best types of amateur men to show off here.

There are two types of photo sets. The first shows the photo shoots, and the second has the screencaps. The zip downloads are given at the top of each mini gallery. The sets are small and shown in their entirety on the video page. There are less than 20 pictures per set, but they look damn good at 1000x1500 and 1000x600. Since the caps are taken from very high quality HD videos, they'll almost look like photoshoots in their own right.


Drake Cameron is an excellent experience overall, and my only wish is that they continue to keep on growing. If you're looking for high quality photography and camera work of great sexy amateurs, you are going to want to look at this pair's work. Everything is available in HD, the quality is off the hook, and they have a lot of passion that comes through in their content.


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