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Out in Public review

Summary: Out in Public features two guys that work to seduce as many men as possible and take them right in the street. There are some guys that go for restaurant head, and others that want to get down and dirty in the alleyways. No matter where they go, they are sure to be seen by someone. This is a small site as of yet, but weekly updates grow this unique collection quickly. It is streaming only, but the Flash is very high quality and also available as clips for slower connections.

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Tiffany, 2010-10-01

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Out in Public doesn't exactly require rocket science to figure out these amateur boys are getting seduced in public by a reality porn duo that know just how to talk these guys into fucking wherever they happen to be. It could be restaurant, a public toilet, or the beach these guys just get into the fucking and sucking wherever they happen to be.

Out in Public has a very clean and modern look to it, and you'll find that it is simple yet easy to browse around. The navigation is rather basic, and that could be an issue as the site grows. The locations vary greatly even with the updates listed on the main page, and lengthy descriptions really set the scene for you.


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Our opinion

Out in Public offers a good reality public sex site that really fills a gap in the gay market. There aren't many public sex sites in the gay market, and especially not any that are reality themed like this. They did a great job with getting the overall feel of their site.

There are 15 episodes currently on the site, and with weekly updates they are growing the site rather quickly. It is on the small side, but given the rather specific niche focus it's understandable. Each episode is divided up into several sections. There's a link to the full movies and clips, and then screencaps and photo sets. Out in Public is streaming only, so you'll want to know that if you have a connection speed that is not all that impressive.

Of course if you are having problems with speed, you do have the option of going to the clips section. It's nice of them to offer that, so it's not too much of a disadvantage to having to log in. The Flash videos are shown at 720x480 and 3 mbps. It looks great, and feels just like reality porn should. A little bit shaky, a bit amateur, but totally authentic. Their Flash player has your standard options and you can jump around the video at will. Buffering is fast and playback is very smooth.

The photo galleries are a bit on the small side and follow along with the action. You get an 800x533 photo that is very good quality, in a very basic gallery. There are no slideshow or zip downloads. If you'd like to follow along a bit closer, there are screencaps shown at 720x406 and they are incredibly good quality caps. These sets are massive with over 900 caps per set. Now that's what I call comprehensive.

There are no extras currently included with Out in Public. I say currently because there is a bonus site section, but nothing in it quite yet.


Out in Public is a small but growing site in a very underserved niche in the gay world. These men get seduced out in public, and they will fuck in every location that presents itself. If that's not hot enough, you also get to see these guys in some very high quality Flash videos. This is well worth the visit if you're into public sex. As it grows, it will be worth visiting by everyone.


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