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Vintage Gay Male review

Summary: Feeling nostalgic? Then maybe you're in the mood for some vintage gay porn - and Vintage Gay Male does an excellent job at making sure that you get exactly what you want. Although it suffers from some organization issues and a few broken links, overall you're going to love the main site, and the Bad Puppy network delivers on any modern porn that you might be craving.

Score 90.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-03-26

Amateur, Bareback, Hardcore, Fetish

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Intro promises

1880 - 1980 vintage gay porn
Unlimited exclusive access to over 50 bonus sites

First impression

Vintage Gay Male takes on a niche that is very unrepresented - vintage gay porn. This type of material is incredibly rare, and also rather taboo at the time. The tour shows off a few different styles of vintage gay porn, from the beefcake lovelies of the time to naughty magazine covers.

Vintage Gay Male is part of the Bad Puppy network, which I will get into later. You're placed on the main page of this gay vintage site, and greeted with several different sections of galleries. It looks like this is a photo focused site, which is not too unusual within the vintage niche. Most vintage era porn is considered earlier than the 70s, although it does look like they're including some select classic material as well. The design is somewhat amateur, but it looks like it shouldn't be too hard to get through.


Our opinion

I'm a big fan of vintage porn, all the more so because it is so hard to find and so damn precious. You know you're looking at something resilient if it's managed to survive decades to make it into your wanking pile. There are 9 different categories of photos, and a final category that features the vintage videos that they offer. Guys by the decades, magazines, tributes, and muscle are a few of the categories available, and it's a good representation of the type of gay porn that you could get at the time.

Because the sources of the content is so varied, quality is all over the place. The galleries are also frequently not sets, but various themed photos. It's hard to get a full gallery count since there isn't a consistent amount of photos per set, and some galleries just end up being single pictures while others have more sub categories. There does look to be well above 100 sets throughout, and 8 rare vintage clips.

The photo quality ranges from very small post card size shots to 900x1000 color shots. I was impressed overall at the restoration quality, and when you go through these collections you'll find that it seems like it was put together by a very passionate collector. There are no bells and whistles to these galleries, so if you're expecting a slideshow or zip download you'll be disappointed. I would be happier with a bit clearer navigation throughout the galleries.

The videos also vary in quality due to the disparate sources. The formats also vary from video to video, with mostly MPG and AVI offered. There is a problem with the first few videos as they lead to a 404 page but others work fine.

Now let's talk about the Bad Puppy network. This is one of my favorite networks in gay porn, and that mostly has to do with the 80 bonus sites run by all sorts of gay porn lovers as well as a great base site that Bad Puppy offers. This might not be the most consistent network when it comes to the quality of their bonus sites, but it has a hell of a lot more personality than 90% of the networks that you'll find out there. Plus there are plenty of gems like Vintage Gay Male, although understandably not anymore vintage porn.


For gay vintage porn, you don't really have a lot of choice out there, but it's nice to see that Vintage Gay Male does a good job at getting you what you need. Once you're done with the vintage porn collection, you're taken care of with plenty of modern porn. The only real complaints I have are the broken video links, the odd organization, and the difficulty in telling the update schedules.


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