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Asian Boy Nation review

Summary: Asian Boy Nation features a fascinating collection of Asian men that updates weekly. The site is well designed and user friendly. It's a generally good experience until you get to the videos. The resolution is tiny and the bitrate is pretty low. The content of the videos is hot, it's just the rest that's the problem, so it's up to you if you want to give it a try.

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Tiffany, 2010-08-17

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Intro promises

Premiere hot Asian male site
Weekly updates

First impression

Asian Boy Nation sounds like the best place in the world to be sign me up for a country full of tasty, fresh amateur Asian twinks. That gets me going before I can even finish thinking that phrase. The tour gives the impression of a pretty business like site, as far as the layout goes. There's a bit of eye candy to entice you, and they show updates once a week on the tour.

The member's area is essentially identical to the main page of the tour, so you already know what to expect on the other side. Although there's boy in the name, it's quickly apparently that Asian Boy Nation loves the rare non twink in the Asia as well. I'm not going to complain about that one bit, because those guys are fucking rare as hell. The navigation consists of tabs along the top, and links to the latest in each section underneath. The latest updates are also shown down the middle.


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Our opinion

Asian Boy Nation looks like it's going to be a solid experience through and through. Now it's time to see just how much Oriental action we're getting with the membership. There are 195 videos, 231 photo sets, and 89 Asian stories. The updates are weekly, like the tour indicated, so this is a good sized Asian site.

The videos are occasionally split into multiple clip listings, so the actual full video numbers are lower. The video pages are super simple, with just links to the high and low quality videos. The formats available are WMV and MOV. When you choose a format and quality, you are sent to a good looking video page. There's a super short trailer that autoplays when you hit the page, an extensive and entertaining description, a streaming and download option, and links to the caps.

The video quality is extremely underwhelming. The listing indicates that you're getting 150 kbps or 500 kbps bitrate, but what it doesn't mention is that the maximum resolution is 320x240. As low as the resolution is, the 500 kbps video looks okay. I just really wish the videos were not shown at that low of a quality. It does add to the amateur feel, but even amateur video cameras usually pop out a resolution and bitrate twice that these days. Hell, even my digital camera has a 720p recording mode!

The photo pages have the same impressive intro as the video pages. There are three ways to view the gallery regular gallery, scrolling thumbnails, or slideshow. I'm impressed at the range of options, and they offer you a few quick preview pictures before you choose. There are over 75 photos per set on average, and you can choose between medium and large sizes. Large is 720x480 and medium is 308x463. Scrolling thumbnail galleries are just the thumbs in one frame, the big pic in another, and slideshow is self explanatory.

The last section is the stories section. These stories are from members, and if you get your own story published you'll receive two months of free membership. The story quality varies from person to person, but they are spot on as far s the Asian niche goes.


Asian Boy Niche starts off strong, but it's hard to get around the video resolution. There's really no reason for the quality to be that low, especially since it's apparent that a lot of time is spent on each scene. Regardless, it is how it is, and I still do enjoy the site. If you're a resolution hound you'll want to look elsewhere.


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