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Club Bisexual review

Summary: Club Bisexual might be held back with a lack of browsing options and a dated looking layout, but there is a gigantic and frequently updated collection of nearly every type of true bisexual porn that you can think of. Girls sucking off guys while the guys are getting drilled, orgies with strap on girls that has everyone's asses filled, and group sex that has the guys going after each other as much as they nail the women.

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Tiffany, 2009-08-21


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Intro promises

Best known collection of DVD quality full length bi and MMF porn
Thousands of professional quality photo sets
52 bonus porn video feeds
Over 450 bisexual movies

First impression

The tour of Club Bisexual is rather enticing, with all sorts of MMF threesomes showing off these guys that will go for any hole they can get their dicks on, from guys or girls. It was a pretty slick setup, so I was rather surprised to see just how incredibly basic the member's area of Club Bisexual was. It really puts into mind site designs 10 years ago, although they do seem to have a search box and sections for the collection. It doesn't look like the design will get in the way of navigation, so the look is not that big of a deal.

Other than the navigation and search, you'll get the latest site news, and underneath that they show off their updates. It looks like Club Bisexual updates every two days or so, which is certainly a nice thing to see.


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Our opinion

Club Bisexual features real bisexual porn that has the guys on each other as much as the girls there isn't a whole lot of this type of content out there, so it's always nice to see a true bi site. Although the basic member's area look is a bit offputting at first, you'll probably forget about that when you hear just how much content they're packing. You're looking at 915 bisexual videos and 168 photo sets. Now a lot of, if not all of this content is non exclusive, but when you're looking at having it all together in one place it becomes a bit less of a problem.

The simplistic layout of Club Bisexual is really evident when you first start going through the massive video collection. There's no categories or anything of the sort, nor are there dates as you're going through everything. It gets a bit confusing without them until you realize that all of the latest videos are actually at the bottom of the page. Get ready for a fair bit of scrolling.

The individual video pages have a very short description, some screencaps of the action, and then the video options. All of the videos are DRM free and are full scene downloads only, available in MPG, WMV, and Flash streaming. The latest WMV videos are shown at either 720x480 and 2.59 mbps or 640x512 and 2.59 mbps. The MPG video comes in at 528x352 and in addition to making the quality lower, in order to be more available to slower connections, they also edit the video to about half the length. Older WMV videos are 512x384 and 1.57 mbps, and the corresponding MPG is 320x240. The video length for the WMVs tends to be around 30 minutes long with the latest updates, although it does vary from video to video. The bisexual action runs the gamut from typical MMF threesome to pegging, groupsex, and out right orgies. If it has to do with bisexuality it's featured here, and it's the first time that I've seen many of these videos, non exclusive or not.

The picture section is not exactly the focus of Club Bisexual, but they do good by this area as well. You're still going to be looking at the very bare bones gallery design, but the quality of the photos is good. They are shown at 682x1024, and the lighting and composition speak to a professional crew taking the shoots. There are around 100 photos per set, and they do offer a zip download.

Club Bisexual has video feeds for extras, although it's unlikely you're going to be able to make your way through their main collection quickly. There are two bonus sites that are run by the same people, Shemale Mov and Shemale Movie Vault, as well as 52 bonus feeds that run the gamut from straight to tranny to gay. There isn't a lot of specific bisexual action in the bonuses, so you're probably only going to want to come through here if you have some pretty wide ranging porn tastes. You also have a erotic stories section, although these aren't exclusively bisexual stories.


Club Bisexual sorely needs a layout overhaul and some more video options, but it's hard to be too upset over it when you're looking at nearly 1,000 full length bisexual videos. If you like watching true bi action, you need to get a membership here.


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