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Man prison review

Summary: Man Prison takes on a fascinating gay uniform porn niche with prison sex, but quality issues, a small collection, and a lack of variety serve to hinder my enjoyment of Man Prison. On top of that, they are charging a rather high price for not a lot of content sure there's bonus sites and galleries, but even those aren't enough to justify the cost.

Score 40.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-07-01


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Intro promises

Five Bonus Sites
Updates every three days
All exclusive episodes with multiple file sizes

First impression

The first thing I was greeted by was a page that outlined how to cancel the subscription, how to view the videos if you have problems, and terms and conditions. Once I clicked through, I ran into an ad page, and after clicking no thanks to that I finally got to the main member's area. That's about two clicks too many for that, in my opinion.

The design is plain and simple, with the various sections running across the top, and the latest updates right down the middle. Although there are no dates on the photo galleries or videos currently on the site, the upcoming are listed with dates, and it looks like there is a photo and video update once a week.


29.95/2 week trial (renews at monthly rate)
39.95/month recurring
69.95/3 months non recurring

Our opinion

Man Prison certainly looks intriguing the gay prison sex fantasy is a very common one, and there aren't too many good gay uniform porn sites out there. There are 37 photo sets and 17 videos, making this a bit on the small side. Everything seems to be pretty bare bones there aren't any descriptions on the sets, so they pretty much give you the impression that they're throwing the content at you and stepping back.

Older videos play up to the prison theme nicely, with a prison cell set up and pretty convincing locations. Later sets really don't capture this feel there's some handcuffs, and the guard and prisoner outfits are still the same, but a lot of them seem to just be the most random sets. One has cardboard and red sheets hanging up, and another looks like they're fucking in front of the linen closet. The other problem, even with the actual prison themed, is that they reuse the exact same locations over and over again. With the collection as small as it is, this makes the sets pretty much blend in to each other as you're looking through them.

The videos run for around 30 minutes, and the actual scenarios are pretty hot. It would have been even hotter had they bothered putting up descriptions for the scenes (the lack is glaring when you consider that they have full descriptions on the tour). There is an option to download the full scene in WMV, or you can go for shorter clips that make it easy to enjoy if you're on a slower connection.

You're looking at 640x480 and 1.3 mbps for the latest videos, with older shown at 320x240 and 400 kbps. The later videos are much better produced as far as quality and lighting, although as mentioned the settings themselves don't seem to be very prison like.

The photo sets are available in high and low res, and the high end size was very good at 1536x2048. However the photo work itself seemed a bit off the colors and focus was not what I would expect from someone offering pictures of this size. The low res photos are 768x1024. There are over 100 photos per set, and they do not offer a slideshow or zip download feature.

Finally we have the bonuses offered with Man Prison. There are two different bonus sections, one for bonus galleries and the other for bonus sites. For whatever reason, the 108 bonus galleries have all dates listed (as opposed to just upcoming dates on main site content) and they have updates here every day. The guys look good, but they have nothing to do with gay uniform porn or prison sex fantasies, so it's hard to get too excited about it. The bonus sites are Hard Gay Video, Dad and Boy, Boys Victims, Boys College, and Boy Hunters. I'm not knocking the extras, but my appetite for gay uniform porn was barely whetted by Man Prison, so I was hoping to get some sort of satisfaction out of the bonuses.


Man Prison falls short on what they're offering. The collection itself is fairly small, with an emphasis on the photos over the video section. The video quality isn't bad, but the large res photos were surprisingly bad in quality. Add that to the repetition of locations and the general bare minimal feel of the member's area, and you have a site that you're better off missing. And let's not forget the fact that the price is out of control compared to the amount of sets you're getting in the main collection.


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Total average: 71/100 Our score: 40.0/100

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