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Tribal Male review

Summary: Tribal Male takes you back to the 70s and 80s, where intense and extreme gay fetish took place in secret, and videos were around to capture every last bit of it. The Bijoux Collection of gay fetish is given in this excellent site, and if you've never seen truly extreme gay BDSM you need to go into the past and see how hot it was back in the day.

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Tiffany, 2010-12-10

Fetish, Hunks-and-Muscle, Hardcore

Bijoux collection, classic gay fetish, vintage gay fetish

Intro promises

Pioneers of hardcore gay bondage since 1969
The complete gay extreme hardcore s&m library from Bijour theater producer Steven Toushin

First impression

I've probably mentioned this plenty of times in other reviews, but BDSM and bondage press my buttons like nothing else. Tribal Male is made up of the Bijou Collection, a well known studio that has their fingers on exactly what bondage and BDSM is all about. This isn't a site that's playing at authentic BDSM scenarios, this is one that has lifestylers all the way through. The tour promises that the entire Bijou Collection from 1969 to present has been remastered and made that's a promise that I'm going to cream over.

Tribal Male has a good looking, modern member's area. The search box is at the very top, and many different sections takes you around to the site. A slider window shows you a few different highlights at Tribal Male. Further down the main page, popular sections, a personal profile registration, the latest updates and tags are given. It looks like a very well put together site, but I expected nothing less from this high quality company.


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Our opinion

You might be a bit overwhelmed with where to start at Tribal Male, as you're getting plenty of different sections. The movies section is self explanatory, but you also have Tribal Talk, Tribal Lore, Tribal Showcase, Tribal Guide and Tribal Forum. The Talk section is a collection of audio stories, which is a fascination addition to a fetish site, Lore talks about some behind the scenes of the videos and gay history, Showcase features gay art, the Guide is a resource directory, and the forum is self explanatory. There are 45 videos currently available with multiple updates weekly.

The video pages start off with a 720x480 Flash video you can stream right away. A lot of the material would be considered classic gay porn, which is perfectly fine for me. Even with the remastering that means it might not be as high of quality as you'd expect from the modern day era, but there's a charm and intensity to the classics that is missing from much of modern day porn. A lengthy synopsis sets the scene for you and lets you know all about this classic. The range of fetishes represented here are all over the place, and it's a fair chance that you'll see the fetish you're looking for. Keep in mind that this is mostly vintage gay fetish porn, which means a lot of very extreme fetishes that you probably wouldn't see this rough today.

Downloads come in two formats, either a full scene WMV or Ipod / Mac versions. The videos are shown at 640x480 and 1.5 mbps. The remastering is done very well, and it looks like they've gotten as much quality as they can out of these older videos. The video length varies depending on the fetishes being represented.

I've already went over the extras in the section breakdown above, but they add a great amount of personality to Tribal Male. These guys really appreciate this wonderfully extreme collection of gay vintage fetish material, shown in the extensive scene descriptions and excellent remastering.


Tribal Male is a truly impressive vintage fetish venture that will take you back to an earlier time in gay BDSM. The action is dark and intense, and will make you wince as much as it makes you hard. The member's area is user friendly and the videos are as good of quality as the remastering can make it. This is well worth a look, for curiosity’s sake alone.


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