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The gay hardcore category has all sorts of gay porn action, and the only thing it needs to be is hot and heavy. You'll see plenty of lusty men getting their rocks off in all sorts of ways, whether they just want to get a great blowjob, or they're in the mood to have their fuck holes filled up with dripping cum.

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  • Bad Puppy screenshot
    Bad Puppy
    Date: 2010-04-14

    Summary: Bad Puppy doesn't win awards for its megasite for no reason - there are so many reasons to sign up for this site. The collection is gigantic, the contributor sites are great, and you'll find that you'll be a member at Bad Puppy for a long long time.

  • Video Box Men screenshot
    Video Box Men
    Date: 2009-09-03

    Summary: Videobox Men has over five thousand scenes, a great interface, daily updates, and top notch quality. It's one of the few gay sites out there that I can't find a damn thing to complain about, and it's also one of the few that I find myself visiting every day. If you're looking for one of the best deals and one of the best gay sites out there, you need to stop by here and take a look.

  • Gay Hot Movies screenshot
    Gay Hot Movies
    Date: 2010-11-04

    Summary: If you're looking for one of the hottest, largest gay porn depositories you're going to want to check out Gay Hot Movies. This pay per view gay video site is one of the best around, with a massive amount of videos, user friendly features, and so many viewing options that it's going to make your head spin.

  • Sex Gaymes screenshot
    Sex Gaymes
    Date: 2010-03-18

    Summary: Hot and hunky men get nasty in all sorts of situations, but favor the pool, the gym, and anywhere else they can work out right after - now that sounds like a fun time to me. Sex Gaymes features well built men of all types to catch your interest, and a large collection allows you to indulge yourself every which way. The organization could use a bit of work, and the site does have DRM, but there's not much to complain about in general.

  • Extra Big Dicks screenshot
    Extra Big Dicks
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: You're going to be pleasantly surprised by all of the HD porn that they have hiding in here, wrapped up in a 1999 design. The cocks all look nicely long and (more importantly) they have a girth that will make your ass pucker. If you are into big dick gay porn, this is well worth your time.

  • Circle Jerk Boys screenshot
    Circle Jerk Boys
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Circle Jerk Boys might not make a good first impression, but once you get into the meat of the site you're going to be satisfied, fulfilled, and eager for more. Beautiful HD videos draw you into the action that these horny experimenting hunks are enjoying, and the weekly updates will allow this collection to keep on growing for quite some time.

  • Gay Ultra screenshot
    Gay Ultra
    Date: 2010-10-01

    Summary: Gay Ultra is a new gay hardcore DVD site that features many different types of gay porn along with a plethora of porn studios. This site features one very user friendly interface and a ton of DVDs given that it's just launched. Daily updates are growing this site at a rapid pace, and I can't wait to see where it is a year from now.

  • Big Dik Factory screenshot
    Big Dik Factory
    Date: 2010-09-08

    Summary: If you're a HD video junkie you might not be a gigantic fan of Big Dik Factory, but what they lack in video quality they make up for in content quality. There is real passion in these videos, as well as a webmaster that seems to really get what the gay big dick fan is looking for. On top of that, you have some really quirky features like the farts and the vintage porn stuff that keeps things interesting.

  • Vintage Gay Loops screenshot
    Vintage Gay Loops
    Date: 2010-07-22

    Summary: This collection of vintage gay porn takes you back to a time in history that is going to make your dick hard in an instant. These videos from the 30s to 70s might not have the quality of today's porn, but they do have genuine sexual chemistry and more than enough horny guys in all shapes and sizes. A good sized collection and regular updates will keep you hooked.

  • Fisting Central screenshot
    Fisting Central
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Fisting Central looks insane right from the get go, and for good reason. This is going to be one of the most intense fisting sites that you will ever lay eyes on, and you're not going to want to leave. The collection is a great size, and the variety of men that come through here will keep you busy. The fisting is as real and authentically enjoyed as you can get, and there really isn't any downside to all this.

  • Young Perps screenshot
    Young Perps
    Date: 2018-06-05

    Summary: Hardcore is a general heading for gay porn, and there are loads of other categories that can fall under it. For example, over at Young Perps, we've got hardcore scenes, but they are also a mix of interracial, black dick, big dick, humiliation, security guard uniform, amateur and reality, and yet it's all a bit of a fetish fantasy. You can add voyeur into that list as well, though these are not spy cam voyeur movies. They are, though, very hot and the site uses some incredibly sexy younger guys and some amazingly gorgeous older guys as the models.

  • HDK Raw screenshot
    HDK Raw
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: HDK Raw does a lot right there's a giant collection, an easy to use design, and plenty of hunky men getting the hell pounded out of them, dominated, and even fisted. It's a great view of the most intense side of the HDK studio, and you'll find that you're going to love every second of it.

  • Male Digital screenshot
    Male Digital
    Date: 2018-05-13

    Summary: Male Digital is a non-exclusive hardcore DVD site that features gay and bisexual material. You're getting a pretty extensive, frequently updated collection of DVDs that should suit many different needs, as well as two good bonus sites. The site could be more user-friendly, however.

  • Making Gay Porn screenshot
    Making Gay Porn
    Date: 2010-09-29

    Summary: Making Gay Porn is a rare behind the scenes porn site, letting you in on the operation of the HDK studios. This well known gay porn studio provides all sorts of behind the scenes content for you to enjoy, and also includes membership to four of their top sites.

  • Naked Sword screenshot
    Naked Sword
    Date: 2010-04-29

    Summary: Naked Sword has a massive collection, so if you're in the mood for a hell of a lot of gay porn for one price you're going to be well taken care of here. However, there are a few downsides. The main one is that if you have a Mac, don't even bother signing up unless you want to bootcamp the site. There is DRM on the downloads, and the streaming videos are not that good of quality (as well as just being odd formats when it comes to the real media files). The quality is also somewhat average, so you aren't going to be blown away by it.

  • He's So Big screenshot
    He's So Big
    Date: 2010-04-04

    Summary: He's So Big doesn't do anything new in the big dick gay porn arena, but it doesn't really need to. Instead it just gives you a user friendly experience with above average quality videos, a good amount of viewing options, and a bonus network that will keep you busy after you've made your way throughout the site.

  • Handy Studs screenshot
    Handy Studs
    Date: 2010-04-03

    Summary: Handy Studs is a solid site that might not stand out in a crowd, but it doesn't do too bad on its own either. That's more than I can say for many network based sites, so they've got that going for them. These muscle bound hotties are shown off in a decent sized video collection, and the bonus network is nothing to scoff at either.

  • Gay Key screenshot
    Gay Key
    Date: 2010-02-11

    Summary: Gay Key doesn't break any new ground in the megasite market, but they do provide a good experience and a large collection. There's no complaining about the video quality, and the update schedule is great as well. Add that to the bonuses that you're getting, and you should have plenty to keep you busy.

  • Brash Boys screenshot
    Brash Boys
    Date: 2010-01-04

    Summary: Brash Boys is a pretty general gay hardcore site that sets itself apart with rimjobs and good quality videos. However it does get dragged down by the fact that you don't get many updates, but the bonus network helps to work through that pain a bit.

  • Gays Fuck Guys screenshot
    Gays Fuck Guys
    Date: 2009-11-19

    Summary: Gays Fuck Guys is your typical straight guy going gay site, done with good quality videos, great photos, and enough updates that you should be able to keep yourself busy. If you can't there's always a bonus network that covers plenty of gay porn for you to explore.

  • C1R screenshot
    Date: 2010-10-04

    Summary: C1R does a good, solid job in the gay PPV field. Their studio list features four prolific studios, their collection is pretty big, and the top video quality certainly did it for me. It's not HD, but it did show off the men in a good light.

  • Feed That Hole screenshot
    Feed That Hole
    Date: 2010-01-06

    Summary: Feed That Hole is a good quality gay blowjob site, but it does need to get a larger collection in order to compete in this segment of the market. The bonus sites help out, although they tend to general gay hardcore more than anything else.

  • Gay Sex Resort screenshot
    Gay Sex Resort
    Date: 2009-08-22

    Summary: Gay Sex Resort looks like it will be an irresistible place to check out, but a lack of updates and a somewhat small collection takes the wind right out of your sails. The site along with the bonuses might be worth a look, since they offer another gay HD site and two more gay hardcore sites, but on its own you'll get through Gay Sex Resort far too quickly.

  • Gay Porn Access screenshot
    Gay Porn Access
    Date: 2009-07-24

    Summary: Gay Porn Access has almost every niche you could imagine, and while it's non exclusive having it all in one place is nice. If they would switch to some sort of uniform navigation system, or perhaps just provide a list of their most recent updates as well as all movies, it would make the experience a lot better.

  • Men DVD Peak screenshot
    Men DVD Peak
    Date: 2011-02-15

    Summary: Men DVD Peak is the type of site that just screams DVD site when you first look at it, and your first impression would be correct as you start looking at it. While the content count sounds impressive, other gay DVD sites have surpassed Men DVD Peak.

  • Twink Sex HD screenshot
    Twink Sex HD
    Date: 2010-09-08

    Summary: Twink Sex HD features horny twinks getting their freak on in a collection of exclusive HD videos. The HD quality needed a higher bitrate to be really impressive and the action was your standard suck and fuck. There's not a lot of personality to the site and other than the bonuses there's no real draw to it, since the main collection has not updated in some time.

  • Gay Groupsex Videos screenshot
    Gay Groupsex Videos
    Date: 2010-08-20

    Summary: Gay Groupsex takes you to a world where more is better, and these guys enjoy getting as many dudes as possible into their fuck fests. While that sounds hot, unfortunately the site is pretty weak overall. It's non-exclusive and updates slowly, with low quality content and bonuses that don't really deal with gay groupsex.

  • Top Man Site screenshot
    Top Man Site
    Date: 2010-04-30

    Summary: Top Man Site doesn't offer anything new or exciting in the world of gay porn, but what it does offer is a great collection for a low price. The quality is pretty high, and while it is a bummer that they don't let you download anything, the frequent updates helps to balance that out.

  • Cum From the Ass screenshot
    Cum From the Ass
    Date: 2010-03-05

    Summary: Cum From The Ass needs to take much more advantage of their HD claim when they're getting up close and personal with the dripping assholes. Instead you're getting wide screen instead of HD videos, and it's hard not to be disappointed. The collection is also incredibly small, and it doesn't update so that kind of seals the deal against the site there.

  • Male Porn Pass screenshot
    Male Porn Pass
    Date: 2010-01-14

    Summary: Male Porn Pass is the type of megasite that looks to be a pretty good buy for your wallet, but it does end up being a bit of a mixed bag. The collection size is nice, and the streaming qualities are pretty good as well. However it just doesn't offer as much in the way of features and viewing options as other sites within its niche.

  • Dirty Boy Video screenshot
    Dirty Boy Video
    Date: 2010-09-21

    Summary: Dirty Boy Videos features exclusive amateur content that is hot as hell, but is hampered by a lack of high quality video. The Flash is the highest quality, so if you're looking for downloaded videos to match up you aren't going to get it. There are also a few navigational issues that need worked out as well.

  • Just Gay Hardcore screenshot
    Just Gay Hardcore
    Date: 2010-08-09

    Summary: Just Gay Hardcore offers exactly what the title says it does general gay hardcore in a variety of niches. The site needs a lot of polish and a big quality adjustment to really compete in this rather extensive part of the gay porn market.

  • Best Gay Orgy screenshot
    Best Gay Orgy
    Date: 2010-01-15

    Summary: Best Gay Orgy might talk up plenty of threesomes and more on their tour, but when it comes to delivering they fall pretty damn short. Now don't get me wrong, the collection itself is large - but it's also non exclusive and non niche specific. If you want a lot of gay porn that's streaming only, it's not too bad, but if you were hoping for orgies you'll want to keep on moving.

  • Penis Palooza screenshot
    Penis Palooza
    Date: 2009-09-17

    Summary: Penis Palooza draws you in with talk of gay drunken fun, but it doesn't hold up once you get inside the site. The collection is on the small side, the videos are pretty forgettable in content, and they really don't push the party angle at all. A lot of it just looks like generic hardcore porn, and you can find a lot more of that elsewhere.

  • Creampie Guys screenshot
    Creampie Guys
    Date: 2009-08-27

    Summary: Creampie Guys does not have much to offer the internal cumshot fan. The collection is small and does not update, the videos aren't actually in HD, and while the bonus network is great, it's not going to make you happy if you just want to see those messy and nasty ass popshots.

  • Jerk It Boys screenshot
    Jerk It Boys
    Date: 2010-11-03

    Summary: Jerk It Boys is not, as you might think, about guys jacking off. Instead it's a general gay hardcore site featuring non-exclusive material sourced from a third party feed. Most of the content is hosted offsite on the feed site and the rest of Jerk It Boys is plagued with a marked lack of polish. You have much better choices to explore if you want a large amount of non-exclusive material.

  • Gay Hitchhiker screenshot
    Gay Hitchhiker
    Date: 2009-08-18

    Summary: Gay Hitchhiker is underwhelming on every level. The video quality is incredibly supbar, there are no updates, and the photo galleries are a giant mess of errors. There's a lot of work that needs to be done on this site to make it worth the while, and it's unlikely that any attention is going to be paid to it.

  • First Gay Gangbang screenshot
    First Gay Gangbang
    Date: 2010-09-07

    Summary: If you want a site that doesn't hit the promised niche, doesn't seem to understand what a gay member would want, and doesn't update their site in three years, check out First Gay Gangbang. If you want a quality experience that's worth the money, look at pretty much anything else.

  • Giant Gay Cocks screenshot
    Giant Gay Cocks
    Date: 2009-08-20

    Summary: Giant Gay Cocks is missing a lot of elements that make up a good gay big cock site, but the most important one of all is the fact that there are no big dicks at all inside. Sure, there's plenty of enticing guys on the tour but you'll see neither hide nor hair of them inside, and there are only a few photo sets with average dicked guys. While the bonus sites are nice, they don't offer any of those hunky gay cocks, so you'll be better off looking elsewhere.

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Total 39 reviews