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Big Dik Factory review

Summary: If you're a HD video junkie you might not be a gigantic fan of Big Dik Factory, but what they lack in video quality they make up for in content quality. There is real passion in these videos, as well as a webmaster that seems to really get what the gay big dick fan is looking for. On top of that, you have some really quirky features like the farts and the vintage porn stuff that keeps things interesting.

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Tiffany, 2010-09-08

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Big Dik Factory has a tour that looks rather amateur, which usually ends up being a good thing. When I see that I know I'm likely to run into a webmaster that has a personal interest in the niche at hand this time being big dicks. It looks like he's at least good at finding nice big cocks, with some rather hefty examples on the tour. It looks a bit busy to start with ,so I'm wondering how the member's area is going to be.

The member's area continues the amateur feel to the site, with a quick introduction and navigation buttons that look straight from the 90s (fuck yeah bevel edges). Everything is divided up into sections, so it shouldn't take too long for you to get around the site. They also make sure to explain all of the sections, which is a nice personal touch.


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The first section up is the Streams, which has a rather eye burning red background on black text page. They start off with an introduction and a few videos from friends of theirs, and underneath are their videos. The organization is a bit confusing, but it looks like there are 16 movies here (some with up to 6 scenes or so) plus 16 shorter clips underneath. Next up is the straight boys gay boys series, which has 8 movies in multiple scenes. There are 12 Ipod videos, 13 hot farts (which shows up close videos of farting assholes I can't say that I've ever seen that before), 37 photo sets, and a classic nostalgia section with a number of classic porn photos and a few articles. All downloadable videos are given in the last section, and there are 26 of these.

It's a bit disorganized, but I can't argue against the content it's all rather hot, and I have to say that I'm a personal fan of the hot farts. After all, it's not every day that you see something undeniably new on a porn site. There is plenty of personality as well, and you just don't get that on so many of the sites that are coming out these days. So I can overlook the organization for a fun time on an amateur site. The dicks are all genuinely large, and it looks like they're amateurs so these are going to be big meaty cocks that you haven't seen on all the other sites.

Other than the downloads section, the videos that you're looking at are all streaming. They're shown in a WMV streaming window, and shown at 320x240 and 273 kbps. The videos get up there in length, with a few over an hour, and others in the 20 to 30 minute range. While I'm not thrilled at the quality, the actual content is just hitting the spot for me. When I swing over to the Straight Boys Gay Boys section, you get to choose between two bitrates, the 300 kbps and a much better looking 700 kbps. It's still the same small resolution, but you can expand that up a bit with the 700 kbps. The Ipod videos are downloaded as zips, and are MP4s shown at 352x288 and 300 kbps. The downloadable videos are shown at similar resolutions and bitrates as the other videos.

Now it's time for the photos. These are both solo and hardcore sets, featuring all of the big fat cocks that I've come to expect and eagerly await as I made my way throughout the site. The galleries are set up with two frames, with the photos down the side, and displayed in the middle. The photos are small in size, around 315x450, but the quality is very good. There are larger photos shown at 438x649. The sets are around 20 30 pictures per set. Gallery styles change a bit as you look through, but it's not too much of a jump. There are some slideshows offered here, but no zip downloads.

Finally there's the nostalgia section. It's small but appreciated, as I love reading about all sorts of vintage gay sex and seeing it whenever I can. There are two lengthy articles about how things were back in the day. There's also a section full of vintage gay porn photos, and while they might be old they're certainly still hot.


Big Dik Factory is a quirky amateur site that does great at showing off real big dicks, and they have a hell of a lot of personality as well as some rather entertaining content. The video quality is rather low, but they do make up for it with their amateurs. If you're looking for a fun ride on the big dick train, you should swing by here.


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