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Gay DVD Tube review

Summary: Gay DVD Tube doesn't offer anything different than other dvd download sites on the market, and does many things far worse. Offering an HD button when it really isn't a HD video is annoying, and the lack of polish just makes it worse.

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Tiffany, 2010-03-22


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Intro promises

300+ DVDs
Unlimited one click downloads
60+ niches
Stream or download with 5 different speeds

First impression

Gay DVD Tube is your typical gay porn video site, and it has your standard user friendly setup. The first thing that you'll see is their trumpeting 300 full length DVDs for download - while that's not the biggest collection I've ever seen, it's certainly a decent size for this type of site.

When you log in, the member's area looks identical to the tour, and you'll see the most downloaded, countdown to the next update, and the latest videos on the main page. The DVD count is currently at 366 DVDs, and it looks like they add multiple DVDs per day. Browsing options allow you to search for pornstars, go for it via category, or use a keyword search. There's also an area for your collection, which seems to be a favorites section.


Payment Processors:
CCBill, Epoch

Our opinion

Gay DVD Tube starts off without any missteps, so it's time to see what kind of content they're offering with their DVD downloads. The only big missing element that they have is a studio listing - it's so common on other sites of this type that it's odd to see it missing.

The DVD pages are set up nicely, with a Flash streaming player greeting you right away. The download options are the full DVD options - these files are absolutely massive in size, however, so you might want to opt for the scene specific streams underneath it. Unlike many dvd download sites, pornstars are not listed with the scenes and you aren't getting much of a description either. These sites really don't have a hell of a lot of personality to begin with due to the non exclusive content, and not giving you even the bare minimum is a bit of a pain.

The one thing that they don't skimp on are the viewing options - there are five different qualities to check out in M4V, which means that you pretty much have a choice no matter what type of connection you're on. The only odd thing that I saw with these is that the dial up version is provided in Flash, while the others are all M4V. The qualities are 320x240 and 300 kbps, 512x384 and 500 kbps, 512x384 and 1 mbps, and 512x384 and 2 mbps. Although the bitrate is pretty good, I honestly wouldn't refer to this as an HD quality - the resolution needs to be naturally higher to get that.

Honestly I'm a big disappointed overall - I was hoping that they would be offering all of their videos in HD quality, or at least a few of them. Instead I'm given a good bitrate but poor resolution video that really doesn't get my motor running, and with that it kind of kills its chances to ever stand out in this overcrowded part of the gay market.


Gay DVD Tube doesn't have anything in it that really jumps out and screams buy me, but then again most dvd download sites don't. If the quality would actually have included HD quality I would have been truly excited, but instead I'm just a bit disappointed. I also would have liked to have seen more format offerings.


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