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Gay Snowballs review

Summary: Gay Snowballs features gay cumswapping, with plenty of hot action to get to the point of cum spilled out of these generous cocks. Although it seems to be your standard small network site at the beginning, delving deeper you find HD videos and a good understanding of what is hot about cumswapping. The only big complaint that I have is that it needs to be bigger and update more often.

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Tiffany, 2009-09-24

Hardcore, Fetish

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Intro promises

High resolution snowball movies
20 minute videos

First impression

If you don't know what snowballing is, it's basically the term for gay cumswapping. There are precious few sites devoted to snowballs and Gay Snowballs has them all over the tour, so this should be an interesting experience.

The member's area at Gay Snowballs is plain and simple, with a focus towards getting the browsing features that you need to get around the collection right to you. The navigation runs across the top, and is probably all you really need to check it out, but there's also a model directory and a keyword search. There are cum covered mouths on plenty of preview thumbs, showing off the gay cum swapping action that you're about to enjoy.


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Our opinion

Unless the cum is going into a guy's ass, there does seem to be a real lack of focus on what happens to it during the sexual festivities. However, at Gay Snowballs that's all that the action is about sure you do tend to have a long interlude before the cum is produced, but once it is these guys get all excited like it's Christmas. This is the first gay cumswapping site I've actually run across, so I'm excited to see just how they handled it. Since this type of content is so rare they don't really have to go all out, but it'll certainly get them bonus points if they did.

First things first there are 36 episodes with an update once every two weeks. I would have liked the update schedule to be a lot quicker, but as one of the only sources for this material I guess I can't be rushing them, can I? The episode pages offer two different tabs for the videos, and one for the photo sets to keep everything nice and organized. Let's start in on the videos first, shall we?

The high resolution videos that they were referring to are actually HD videos, which is a nice touch. The HD videos are shown in WMV and divided up into small chunks that you can download or stream. While this probably isn't needed on the lower quality videos, given the size that HD videos can get up to it was appreciated. Now to take a look at these video qualities the top is shown at 1280x720 and 2 mbps. The other videos are also WMV but offered as a full scene download, and are shown at 512x288 and 1 mbps,420x236 and 600 kbps, and 420x236 and 340 kbps. The HD video is well worth the watching if you don't mind a bit of a wait, with great lighting and production to go along with the technically good quality. The other versions are obviously not quite as impressive, but the action is the same in any version and you'll get a ton of cum swapping.

The photos are a draw here too, because seeing the snowballing captured in still form is incredibly hot. Sure, most people do tend to look over photos when there are HD videos to be had, but the pure beauty and hotness of this act really comes through on the pictures. They are very good quality and shown at 1000x667, taken from actual photo shoots as opposed to screencaps. The sets are over 100 pictures per set, and you can browse through with a slideshow. I would have liked to have seen a zip download, however.

A membership to Gay Snowballs also gets you access to the bonus network, which you can access via its section or the updates on the main page. The most interesting parts of this network are the 14 exclusive gay sites, which touch on some niches as rare as snowballing on top of the more standard fare. You will also find additional HD gay porn, as pretty much every site in that list offers it. There are also 30 third party feeds in case your hunger is still not sated.


Gay Snowballs has a very unique focus, and coupled with gay HD porn videos it's hard to pass up. There is plenty of cumswap action, the videos are great, the photos are good, and the only thing that would make it better is if there was more of it.


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