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Jerk It Boys review

Summary: Jerk It Boys is not, as you might think, about guys jacking off. Instead it's a general gay hardcore site featuring non-exclusive material sourced from a third party feed. Most of the content is hosted offsite on the feed site and the rest of Jerk It Boys is plagued with a marked lack of polish. You have much better choices to explore if you want a large amount of non-exclusive material.

Score 30.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-11-03


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Intro promises

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First impression

Jerk It Boys has a pretty self-explanatory name. These guys are in the mood to pull their pud and you get to watch them as they wank away and bring their favorite guys into bed. They do manage to entice me with some very delicious looking guys on the tour, and if they can manage to give everything that the tour promises this is going to be a very fun ride indeed.

The memberís area is not as slick and flashy as the tour, so thereís a bit of a disconnect there. It is very well laid out even if itís not pretty, with a navigation bar giving you the major sections and a sidebar with every category they offer. Thereís a search box if youíd rather look through their collection in that fashion and a main content area right down the middle of the page.


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Our opinion

So the first impression of Jerk It Boys is good, so letís see if they can keep it up throughout. I do find my first troublesome problem right away. If youíre looking through the entire video collection, the first page is fine but the subsequent pages are using scrolling frames so itís less smooth than I prefer my browsing to be. You're getting 5 photo shoots and 152 videos. Since this is such a general gay hardcore site these don't seem to be very impressive numbers at all. The videos do not have any dates added and when you click through to a video, you are taken to a third party website. It appears that the material here is non-exclusive and offered through Webmaster Central feeds. You do get a higher total video count than listed on the main site, with 275 total videos available through the site. It's an odd disparity that seems a bit odd.

The problems are racking up against Jerk It Boys. The videos are a respectable 720x480 and are available in three different qualities, low, high and HD. However the videos are streaming only and you don't have any options for downloading. The buffering is fast and the playback is smooth overall, but it's all fairly straightforward hardcore gay porn without anything in the way of additional viewing options or features. The sparse number of nonexclusive videos also mean that you don't get a large number of videos in each niche category. The videos are fairly lengthy on average, between 20 and 30 minutes each.

The photo sets are essentially an afterthought in the grand scheme of the site. You get about 50 photos per set in a basic gallery. You do not get a slideshow or zip downloads for the photo galleries. The pictures open up in a lightbox style. They are quite small within the lightbox, but you can open up the photos to see the 800x1200. The pictures are good quality overall and feature solo model photos.

A blogs section is listed but appears to have no blog entries. Additionally, the listing for three bonus sites on the main page are not clickable so you can't access them easily through the site. I am unsure whether you would access them through the Webmaster central website or not. The site price offsets some of its disadvantage, but you're essentially paying 5 dollars a month for access to a feed you've probably seen on many other gay sites.


Jerk It Boys is an unfocused and unpolished website that needs a lot of work to be worth your while. The combination of non-exclusive material without a much larger collection, almost everything hosted off-site and no alternative viewing options. The bonuses not working or being easily accessible also helps to add to the lack of polish this site offers.


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