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Vintage Gay Loops review

Summary: This collection of vintage gay porn takes you back to a time in history that is going to make your dick hard in an instant. These videos from the 30s to 70s might not have the quality of today's porn, but they do have genuine sexual chemistry and more than enough horny guys in all shapes and sizes. A good sized collection and regular updates will keep you hooked.

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Tiffany, 2010-07-22

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Intro promises

Digitally remastered
Never before seen vintage and classic gay erotica

First impression

One of the rarest types of porn out there has got to be gay vintage porn. It's hard enough to find your typical vintage porn, as the taboos against it were massive back in the day. It was even worse for gay men back then, so the men who are shown on these loops are some of the bravest and ballsy motherfuckers out there. No matter what I have to applaud them for that.

The member's area has an ironically modern look to it that keeps with the tour theme. You have your main navigation at the top of the page, a very handy category drop down, and a well organized offering of the latest updates. It's a simple setup, but very user friendly because of that simplicity. You're going to be able to get to where you're going almost immediately.


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Our opinion

Just to get this out there to begin with I fucking LOVE vintage porn. Gay vintage porn is some of the hardest to find out there, and the rarity excites me as much as knowing the history about it. Vintage Gay Loops is looking good already, with a design that puts me in mind of some good old fashioned vintage porn.

There are 56 videos and a handful of vintage photos (these are just collected photos, not sets or galleries), with weekly updates. The video pages start you off with a Flash streaming window, shown at 640x480. Under that you have low and high quality downloads, you can change the Flash over to high or low quality, and there's a link to the screencaps. The downloads are given in WMV full scene only, and are shown at 720x480 and 2 mbps and 360x240 and 800 kbps. Given how old the videos are, they are shown at remarkably good quality. The sexual chemistry between these daring men is incredible, and if you like guys with lots of hair you're going to be getting it in droves here. The guys tend to be more hunky as well, with well defined bodies made sexy by hard work. The videos range in size given how diverse the sources are.

The screencaps are average quality caps, shown at 720x480. Getting to the full screencap sets does involve you going through the link the ones underneath the video options only give you non clickable ones. There are about 20-30 pictures per set, so you get a pretty brief preview of what's going on within the video. The other pictures are taken from vintage box covers. These vary in size depending on source, but look to be in the 60s or so and are good quality. Bonus wise you're getting a Pride Timeline section, which talks about gay history, and a blog that covers various gay vintage porn action.


Vintage Gay Loops is one of the few sites that provides gay vintage porn, and they do a good job at it. The collection size is good, with regular updates and a handling of the vintage material that shows how much they respect it. While these videos aren't going to be shown at the quality you might expect from modern porn, the enthusiasm behind it is enough to get you going.


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