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High Octane review

Summary: High Octane doesn't have any neat tricks to set it apart from the crowd, and with below average quality videos it takes a bit of work to make this one stand out. The video content and camera work is very good, with lots of variety, and the collection is pretty large so it's well worth a look.

Score 75.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-03-10

Hunks-and-Muscle, Hardcore

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First impression

High Octane might not have the most descriptive in gay porn, but you'll get the gist of things within a few moments of hitting the tour. These guys are all very well built - not quite bodybuilder mass, but a few of them are getting damn close. You'll see guys like Randal Sheldon and Lazar Long in solo and hardcore action, their tight and toned muscles rippling in the light.

The member's area is as dark as the tour, and goes along the same theme. Your bonus sites are presented all along the top of the page, giving you easy access to jumping around all of them. Under that you have the navigation that has everything divided up into sections, and finally there's the live cam news. The latest sets are presented in the main content area, and you can also see the most popular of these. At the bottom of the page, the upcoming sets are waiting to tempt you.


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Our opinion

The main theme here at High Octane seems to be super hunky pornstars that want to get as nasty as possible during their fuck fests. You can see the pure desire in their eyes as you look through the collection pages, and you'll get hot and bothered by the weekly updates. There are 112 videos and 122 photo sets, so that's more than enough hard bodied men to keep you whacking it for quite some time.

You can browse through the videos by DVD collection or just going scene by scene. No matter which you choose, you're getting fairly basic video pages that have a description and links to the models and DVD featured (if going by scene). The download and streaming options are next, and finally you get a small collection of screencaps. The video pages might not be anything special, but the videos themselves are. Guy wise, you're looking at hunky guys through and through, with a pretty big percentage of pornstars. There are a ton of different locations, and it just has a different feel from your typical porno.

The streaming player gives you a few choices that you don't typically see with the players. You can switch between two different formats, WMV or Flash, and you can also choose quite a few different bitrates. The main advantage to this is the fact that you can adapt the bitrate to the collection that you're sporting. There's 38kbps for super shitty ones, and up to 768 kbps for ones that will leave your mouth watering. On the other hand, you have exactly one selection for downloading, and that's a full scene WMV. There is DRM on all of these videos, so you'll want to be aware of this, especially if you happen to be on a Mac. The videos are shown at 850x478 and 700 kbps, and while the size is okay, the bitrate feels a bit low to me. Content wise, you're going to like these videos as they do keep things very interesting with the variety, but quality wise they are a bit wanting. Older videos are shown at 640x480 and 700 kbps.

The first photo sets that you'll probably see are the screencap sets with each video. These are shown at 625x467 and are average cap quality. Then you have the hardcore and solo photo sections, allowing you to enjoy these guys in still form. The photography is very well done, and if you're the type to keep collections you'll probably end up adding a lot of these to them. These are shown at 482x720 and the sets are small at around 50 photos per set. You can use a hands free slideshow with multiple speeds.

You're getting five bonus sites in total, displayed across the top of the page. Most of these have similar styles of guys, with plenty of muscles, big dicks, and a sex drive that is absolutely insane. There's a live cam show that takes place about once a week, and you get a handful of archived shows if you can't make it to a scheduled one. These are free shows featuring some of the models that are on Gunz Blazing's sites, so that's a nice little bonus. Then there are 35 third party feeds to round things out.


High Octane features well muscled guys that love a bedroom romp, and don't care who sees it. The quality of the videos could be better, as it is below average, but the content itself is pretty damn entertaining. You can't complain about the collection size or update schedule either.


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