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Hot Muscle Dudes review

Summary: Hot Muscle Dudes is not strict enough for pure muscle fetish fans, but if you're looking for plenty of good looking hunks that range from well toned to ripped. The main collection is solid, with plenty of HD quality videos, although the updates are sporadic. It's not breaking any new ground, but it does provide plenty to enjoy.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-08-03


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Intro promises

63 full length hot muscle episodes
927 male spectrum episodes
Downloadable movies
High quality video and photo galleries
Weekly updates
WMV, Quicktime, and Flash formats available

First impression

Hot Muscle Dudes certainly sounds like a fun place to hang out. There's something so seductive about a manly man with bulging muscles, especially when there's plenty of shots of them getting hot and sweaty in the gym beforehand. There's a nice range between the toned guys and the close to body builder hunks, so no matter what your particular gay muscle fetish it looks like there's someone for you.

The member's area is a bit on the dark side, but it's laid out clearly and cleanly. The bonus site navigation runs across the top, there's a model or keyword search box at the side, more links to the bonuses in the sidebar, and smack dab in the middle you have muscles staring you in the face. The latest episode shows Rikky, a ripped and sexy hunk that has plenty of lithe muscle that he's getting licked and caressed by his friend.


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Our opinion

Hot Muscle Dudes has 63 episodes in total, featuring a new hunk in every one. A few of the guys are a little bit too under muscled to really fit in properly here, but those ones are cute anyway so they get a bit of a pass. Just be aware that this isn't a strict muscle fetish or muscle worship site. The episodes come with a number of different video options along with a photo shoot. Although they promise weekly updates on their tour, the update schedule seems to be very sporadic. It hasn't been updated for a month at this point, and even before that there were periods where months went between updates.

Hot Muscle Dudes has a great and easy to use setup for their video pages. There's two drop down boxes the first gives you the choose of the format, along with picking which clip you'd like to watch. There's also a full scene option if you aren't in the mood to do clips. The formats are Flash and WMV on the latest videos, and WMV and Quicktime on the oldest. The next drop down gives you the different quality levels. You can watch these as streaming video or handy downloads. Here's a quick rundown of the different qualities and the sizes they entail: HD is 1068x600 and 4.22 mbps, T1 is 852x480 and 2.47 mbps, broadband is 852x480 and 1.47 mbps, DSL is 640x360 and 958 kbps, and dialup is 428x240 and 682 kbps. Although most videos have up to HD viewing quality, older videos only go up to broadband at 320x240 and 500 kbps, and they are also streaming only. The formats are a bit different as well you have Quicktime and WMV for those.

The videos run for around 30 minutes, and if you opt for the clip versions you get it in 5 minute chunks. The camera work is solid, there's plenty of deliberate muscle play, and of course with the Hot Muscle Dudes that always ends in an out and out fuck fest that leaves them breathless.

Underneath the video options you have the photo set. This is not screencaps as you might expect, but professionally shot photos that look great. There are 150 photos per set, and you can use the Pic Lens application to browse through them, opt for the zip download, or just use your standard gallery. Although the picture size is 800x1200, the quality is well above average. Like the videos, the lighting is great, the angles give you plenty of muscle views, and there's a lot of passion coming through the videos.

Hot Muscle Dudes offers plenty of bonuses as well. The first set of bonus sites are all exclusive, and made by the same people that handle this site. Top Shelf Studs features a similar type of man, so you'll get more muscle fixes from there. The rest cover a few different types of hardcore gay porn, and most of them offer the same quality of videos as you see here. You'll get Gay College Sex Parties, His First Huge Cock, Twinks for Cash, His First Gay Sex, Swift Maverick, Gay Blind Date Sex, and His First Facial. There are also 9 third party feeds, which includes another muscle selection.


Hot Muscle Dudes is a generally solid muscle hardcore site that needs a few things here and there to really make itself stand out. A steady update schedule would be the biggest improvement, and making the oldest episodes downloadable would be a nice touch. There are a few guys that pure muscle lovers are probably not going to be able to get into, but overall it's a decent site.


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