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Does the thought of an older man make your dick stir in your pants, and your ass start to imagine all of the sweet fucking that an experienced man could give? Whether you're after hot DILFs, silver daddies, or gay mature guys in general, you're going to see the full age range of hot men over 30 in the mature gay category.

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Total 11 reviews
Sitename Main Category Author Date Overall score
Jake Cruise Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-04-10
Men Over 30 Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-02-02
Hot Older Male Mature/daddy Tiffany 2018-05-13
Daddy Mugs Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2011-01-27
Workin Men XXX Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-08-24
Family Dick Mature/daddy Luke 2018-05-30
Older 4 Me Mature/daddy Tiffany 2018-05-13
Daddy Strokes Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-12-30
My First Daddy Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-11-06
Studs Over 40 Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-03-25
Daddy Lamar Mature/Daddy Tiffany 2010-11-07
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Total 11 reviews