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Daddy Mugs review

Summary: Daddy Mugs is an enjoyable romp featuring an older, 40 something man who is plowing through plenty of 20 year old asses. You aren't limited to watching an older man with twinks either. Instead Daddy is going far and wide for his sexual tastes, picking up all sorts of guys to share his bed and heart with. This personality filled amateur site features quality and quantity, more than enough to keep you

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Tiffany, 2011-01-27

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Intro promises

Exclusive and HD videos
Daddy and son gay videos

First impression

Daddy Mugs focuses on an older horny dad amateur and the 20 something men who want to benefit from that experience in the bedroom. This combination of 40 year old guys and college aged hunks is going to set your dick ablaze with desire. The younger men run the gamut from college twink to mid 20s hunk.

The member's area at Daddy Mugs is pretty much the same as the tour. It has a bit of an amateur feel to it, with top navigation giving you access to the model directory and the updates page. Daddy Mugs himself has a grand introduction, and lets you know just how much he likes having a young stud whose ass is ripe for plundering. He's remarkably enthusiastic about the whole website thing, and that continues to come through in the sets, infusing a great personality to the site.


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Our opinion

I'm always a fan of amateur run sites, especially gay niche ones like Daddy Mugs, since it's usually the amateurs that are the only ones who can do it all right. Plus he's got a great looking big dick, and that's always a plus in my book! Now let's get down to business.

Daddy Mugs has 158 episodes that consist of a video, screencap and photo set each. The sets are not dated, but looking at the size of the collection it probably gets a new addition once per week. Daddy is certainly prolific in the bedroom to have fucked this many guys. Although you're going to see the same Daddy in every scene, the variety in younger men along with the many different sexual situations that Daddy gets himself into keeps things quite interesting on the content front. The descriptions are pretty lengthy and let you get a bit inside the head of Daddy as he's taking on yet another sweet, tight ass. You have three different download options, either WMV, Quicktime or MP4. If you aren't in the mood to wait for a download, the Flash streaming video is up and center, with quick buffering and even, smooth playback that works pretty damn good. The WMV and Quicktime videos share the same resolution at 1280x720 and 4 mbps. The Ipod MP4 is 640x640 and 1 mbps. The HD videos are remarkably good looking, especially when you consider that Daddy Mugs is an amateur site. The length of the videos varies between the type of action, but you won't have any problem reaching a cumshot with these videos.

The screencaps and photo sets are in Flash galleries that automatically start up a slideshow for you in the photo sets and display sections of the thumbnails for the screencaps. The photos and caps look great, although as a rule I generally don't prefer Flash galleries simply because it's impossible to download a single photo. On the good side, you can get zip downloads of the sets. There's an average of 80 photos per set, with a quality of 600x900. At the bottom of each episode page, you have a number of tags, part of which are linked so you can easily browse around via categories.


Daddy Mugs is all sorts of awesome, and while I might not enjoy the way the galleries are set up I do enjoy the personality, passion and quality of all of the content. Daddy's tastes run far and wide with his boys, and he's going to be teaching them all the tricks of the bedroom before long.


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Comments from other readers

2012-10-17 21:40:37

Daddy Mugs is f***ing amazing. If you want to see the premier porn star in the world (man or woman), he is your guy. He is so hot and his dick is perfection. I am happy to spend my money at his site. All I can say is one word...legendary!!!! Daddy Mugs =Hottest man alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottoms up
2012-10-31 11:19:45

My favorite site. Mugs takes regular guys gives them the ride of their life. You can read about the encounters as he likes to brag about his conquests. In one sceen a virgin ass gets up and runs because Daddy is too thick. Well the cameras roll and sure enough he comes back for more and is not dissapointed as Mugs gives it to him.

Hot for tops
2013-08-04 21:50:53

So I came across this site one day and I honestly haven't stopped cumming since. I had watched some gay porn but once I saw Daddy Mugs my world was changed (seriously). Daddy is the king of porn. I thought I was bi but Daddy has changed my mind. (If you don't think that's possible, watch his videos, he could turn a straight man gay) I have spent hours just watching his videos and fantasizing about him inside of me. I have to say I don't really care for the twinks (probably because I'm soooooooooooooo jealous) but Daddy...well....that's a different story....a long, thick, mouth watering story. Just look at the faces of the guys he fucks, they are loving it. He obviously gets to smash on whatever ass he wants, PREMIER STUD!!!! This is Daddy Mugs world and we are just living in it. I know this is the best porn money can buy. There is only one Daddy Mugs. No one but him is lucky enough to be Daddy Mugs, but some are lucky enough to get fucked by him. But once you givin your ass to Daddy Mugs, it's all down hill from there. You'll never find anyone as good as him. Well, my dick is hard just thinking about him. I have taken enough time to write this review, back to watching Daddy. Daddy Mugs, you have made my life amazing.