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Guys Get Fucked review

Summary: Guys Get Fucked is a unique and well done representation of pegging and other femdom on male fetishes. However, thereís a few aspects to the site that really brings it down. The content quality is the major one there, because while the action is hot the resolution is rather low. Itís not unwatchable but it would have been enhanced with slightly better quality. The second is the navigation, which really just doesnít exist on this site.

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Tiffany, 2010-11-26

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CFNM, pegging, straight guys fucked

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First impression

Guys Get Fucked has a fairly self-explanatory title. Thereís plenty of guys around getting their asses violated, but thereís a femdom twist to the fucking. The guys are all straight and submitting to strap on wielding ladies. This kinky site is a clothed female naked male themed femdom adventure, and all the focus is on the naked, quivering straight guy who is learning the joys of having all manner of objects stuffed up his ass. This isnít a straight for gay site in the traditional sense, but with the primary focus being on real amateur straight men it looks like thereís plenty of fun times inside.

The memberís area has a plain and simple design that just works well. These guys arenít about bells and whistles, theyíre about delivering boner-inducing porn that is going to make you satisfied for a long time. I do have to admit that I would have liked some browsing features, as the collection is just contained in a paginated setup. No search, no browse. Ads are mixed in along the length of the listings but it is never misleading as to what is content and the ads.


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Our opinion

Itís time to dig into Guys Get Fucked and see what they have to offer. The content is not dated but the company behind the site is rather trustworthy, so Iím inclined to believe the weekly update promise. Youíre getting over 200 episodes total, with a full photo shoot and video set in each one.

The guys fall into your standard guy next door look, the type of straight guy youíll check out going to work or college. Thereís no strong slant towards one particular age for the men, although itís smack dab in the middle of things with a 20 something look. The things that these crazy women do to these guys is rather mind boggling. You have your expected strap-ons for pegging sex, bondage and facesitting, multiple femdoms at a time and many other exciting sub niches.

As I got into the collection it was somewhat painful navigating through the main part of the collection, which appears on the first page. Subsequent pages were much smaller and easier to scroll through. The episode listings are just what you see on the main page - the photo sets have their own galleries but the video options are linked to the download file. I wish they would have included descriptions of the various scenes, as this is the type of niche that can be really enhanced by some hot as hell background stories.

Two formats are available with the videos - WMV which is given on every video and MPG which is given on most videos. The latest videos are shown at 640x480 and 1 mbps while older offerings are 320x240 and 1 mbps. The video quality is average and the resolutions are lower than what I was expecting. The content itself was as hot as you can imagine, but I would have liked a quality boost. You can download the WMVs in clips or full scenes while the MPGs get the full scene only treatment.

The photo galleries are contained in very basic galleries. The galleries are paginated and have approximately 125 photos per set. The photo quality is good amateur quality, shown crisp and clear at 700x465. You do not get any zip download or slideshow features.

You get a few extra shoots strewn throughout Guys Get Fucked from the other sites that this company runs. However they do not have any other femdom pegging sites so your mileage may vary with the bonus sets they include.


Guys Get Fucked features your average straight male learning the joys of insertion by vicious, cock hungry females using strap ons and anything else they can get their hands on. The femdom and CFNM overtones are great and the content itself is very well done. The site does lose out on polish, however. Navigating is painful and the content quality could be much higher.


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2012-07-30 22:32:29

NO updates, and they lock your account if you download any movies. A total rip-off!