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Haze Him review

Summary: Haze Him follows the hazing that fraternity boys heap onto their pledges, and it turns out that a good number of them involves some sort of gay activity. These straight boys give their first blowjobs, take it in the ass, and even masturbate in public with a Flashlight in order to get into their chosen frats. You can't say that these guys aren't dedicated to getting what they want. It's a small site right now, but the incredibly original episodes and weekly updates make it well worth visiting already. It is streaming only, so you'll want to be aware of that.

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Tiffany, 2010-10-12

Straight, Hardcore, Fetish, Amateur

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Intro promises

The world's only user submitted college and fraternity ritual website
Straight guys getting gay hazed

First impression

Haze Him is a site that has an absolutely brilliant concept – so brilliant and simple that I'm blown away that it's never really been done before. The site is made up of straight frat boys that are made to go through all sorts of gay hazing in order to get into their fraternities.

The member's area has a similar style to the tour, with a bold black and white look. The navigation is pretty basic, providing you with links to the latest updates, top updates, and bonus websites. The latest updates look to have several different parts, and weekly updates keep things fresh. I also liked how extensive their descriptions are – you really get a feel for the scene by looking through those.


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Our opinion

Haze Him looks to be excellent at first glance, and I'm eager to see if the site lives up to the first look. They offer 18 episodes currently, which is about what I expected given how recently the site opened.

If you don't know how inventive frats can be when they have new pledges, you'll learn quickly. There is jello wrestling, public flesh light fucking, facials, glory hole blowjobs, and half naked football action. Every episode offers something new, keeping it full of variety.

You'll see the viewing options first on the episode pages, with full video options, then clips. The photo gallery and screencaps are offered next, and the great descriptions are also shown on this page. The full scene option takes you to a Flash streaming video. These are shown at 720x480 and 2 mbps and look great. There's a amateur feel to the camera work, but it works out well for the type of site that this is. The chapter section brings you to the streaming Flash clips, which are shown in the same quality. The clips are two minutes long, and the videos are around 30 minutes long.

Haze Him's photo galleries are massive, with over 400 photos per set. They are average quality pictures shown at 800x600, and follow along with the debauchery that these frat boys are up to. There are also screencaps taken directly from the video. These come in sets of over 1,000, and give you pretty much every last second of the video. These are shown at 720x406 and are average quality. The bonus websites section does not have anything in it as of yet.


Haze Him offers a fascinating gay reality porn niche with great scenes, awesome looking “straight guys”, and weekly updates. The streaming only setup might not appeal to some people, but the Flash video quality is excellent and it streams very quickly. Check Haze Him out if you're looking for something completely out of the box.


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