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Unglory Hole review

Summary: Unglory Hole pulls the bait and switch on straight guys. A gorgeous babe lures in straight dudes to a gloryhole, and on the other side a gay dude is waiting to suck that big dick. These guys might end up getting damn pissed when they find out what happens, but they can't complain about how good the blowjobs are. It's a newer site and rather small, as they still seem to be working out their update schedule. It's also streaming only.

Score 65.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-10-06

Straight, Amateur, Hardcore

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Intro promises

Gay gloryholes
Bait and switch gloryhole action
Weekly updates

First impression

There are a few gay gloryhole sites kicking around out there, but not many of them that have straight guys getting the good old bait and switch. Hot chicks lure these straight as a board guys into a gloryhole and waiting on the other side is a gay man thrilled to show these guys what the gay side is all about. You know they're not getting a blowjob that fucking good from a girl.

The member's area has a big and bold look to it, and is fairly simple to get around. The navigation runs along the top, and the latest updates go down the middle. This is a newer site so I'm not expecting a massively large site yet, and it's a pretty cool take on the whole gay gloryhole thing so I'm interested to see how it works out.


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Our opinion

The first thing I notice is that the update schedule is pretty sporadic. They don't seem to have a schedule set in stone yet some weeks there might be two close updates, and right now we're going on a 3 week gap in between updates. I expect that to smooth out as the site grows, however.

There are 7 exclusive episodes currently on the site, so they definitely need to get into the swing of things as far as updates go. According to the dates on the content they've been going for 2 and a half months or so, so I'd expect a bit more in the way of updates, even for a brand news site.

With that said it does look like they're spot on with the content. The locations are somewhat repetitive, but there's not a lot you can do to make a gloryhole look original, after all. The episode pages are well put together, and the descriptions give you a good setup of the action. You can check out the full movie, or just go clip by clip, depending on your preference. There's also a gallery of screencaps that you can get some preview action with.

The videos are streaming only, and they do have very good quality encoding so it's completely smooth. The window is about 720x480, and you're getting 2 mbps or so. Episodes can be pretty damn lengthy at 30 minutes long, so if you're on a slower connection speed you'll probably want to go ahead and opt for the clips. The buffer time was incredibly low, and the video played smooth throughout.

The screencaps are in a basic gallery setup, but the sets are huge with over 800 caps per set. There's no way you're missing any of the video action with these little hotties. There are no slideshow or zip options with these galleries.

There is a section for bonus sites, but they don't have anything in it yet. I suppose this is probably something that is going to be added in down the road, as this company has recently released a number of gay sites.


Unglory Hole needs a lot of time to grow before it's really worth taking a look at. The content is promising, and the Flash video quality is pretty damn good. It just needs enough episodes to last along with a consistent update schedule. Then it will really be rocking.


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