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18 Close Up review

Summary: 18 Close Up zooms in on cute amateur girls' most intimate body parts and displays them in high definition videos. The action is fairly tame with some masturbation and occasional toy action. In fact some might find it too tame. There is not yet a huge amount of content, but it does provide some unique views of these amateur girls...

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Score 70.0 /100
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Craig, 2008-02-01

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Intro promises

"This site is dedicated to the anatomy of beautiful teens. We're exploring their most intimate parts as they masturbate, with lots of close ups or extreme close ups. Our models, deeply examined by our professional HD cameras, will show you every details of their pussy and asshole, every orgasmic contractions when they masturbate (you will also see how pussy contractions during foreplay can lead to more intense orgasms). See also some amazing scenes of clit contractions, boobs shaking, gaping pussy, asshole contractions."

- Thousands of MBs of HD video with 1920x1080 resolution
- 100% exclusive content
- Extreme closeups

First impression

They are intently focused on a specific task, and are serving it up in high style. High definition, that is. The mission statement above takes the words out of my mouth.

I like a clearly defined objective almost as much as I like clearly defined video.


30 days recurring:
HD Membership: $29.90
All three resolutions including HD - 1920x1080

HDV Membership: $23.90
Resolutions up to 1280x720

STD Membership: $17.20
Standard screen resolution of 640x360

120 days HD Membership: $79.80

Pay by credit card or online check
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Our opinion

18 Close Up features masturbating young girls in stunning HD resolution. Unfortunately for me, the quality of the video was more exciting than the content.

The site is just fine, easy to navigate and nicely organized. One thing that I found odd, however, was the lack of dates on the update page. The featured updates on the home page were dated, but the archived updates were not. Weird. The way they handle memberships is interesting - if you shell out a couple extra bucks you get access to the high quality video, but if you can choose from two other packages that feature lower resolutions for a lower price.

All of the clips are AVI files, and you can choose between three resolutions, depending on the membership you have purchased. The HD clips (1920x1080) are about 140 MB, HDV (1280x720) are 60 MB, and the STD clips (640x360) are about 25 MB. Even the standard resolution videos looked great for their size, so no matter what membership you choose, you'll still be getting some nice lookin' vids.

18 Close Up features episodes for 22 models including the bonus section, but only ten have HD quality clips. What?? With HD video being the main selling point of the site, I was disappointed to find that it was in the minority. Seeing as how there were only a few, I decided to check them all out so that I could give you a good idea of what the HD vids are like.

I found them pretty tame. Very standard masturbation clips with your usual shaved porn-star sorta girls with press-on nails. There were a few dildos, there were a few orgasms, but in a couple of the vids there was more touching and preening than masturbating. There certainly were a lot of closeups, and at 1920x1080 it's pretty intense - especially the scenes that featured vaginal and anal contractions. Very... interesting.

The action in the 12 low-res episodes, on the other hand, had a little less of the detailed explorations, and got down to the toys 'n' fingers a little more quickly.

I really like the idea behind the 18 Close Up, but for me it doesn't quite deliver. For starters, I'd like to see more of the fantastic HD videos that are being touted in the previews. I imagine many customers would be a little miffed to find out that there are only a couple of handful of the high-quality clips after shelling out their 30 bucks. I mean really, you might as well go for the cheap membership considering the small amount of HD content you get for upgrading. Obviously this kind of defies the purpose of the site, but like I said, even the standard resolution files look really good for their size.

It would also be nice to see content with action that is as fantastic as the quality. It just seemed kinda bland. I suppose you could chalk it up to personal preference, but while I am admittedly not too fond of the standard porn-star aesthetic, I have seen much porn in that style that is more exciting than this. Take the closeups angle, for instance. That's a huge niche, so capitalize on it! Let's see some shit that you won't easily find elsewhere! For instance, I did see a few orgasms in some of the clips. Why weren't there closeups of that? Maybe some squirting? Even some more extreme stuff like gaping, and anal penetration? More of the contractions stuff we got a glimpse at? Perhaps throw a real cock or two in there? There are so many ways you can work the closeups angle, I figured they would've milked it a little more.


There is great potential in 18 Close Up, but in my opinion it falls short in the execution.

It's funny, so often I check out a site and say to myself “They have a really good thing going on here, but the quality of the content is so poor.” With 18 Close Up, I'm afraid the opposite is true. Great quality, average content.

For the high def lovers, we recommend going for the HDV (1280x720) membership which offers a good compromise between quality and file size as well as price.

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