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Annie Berry review

Summary: Annie Berry is a cute teen who fools around with her girl- and boyfriends on her site. Decent quality content, but not too much of it since it is a fairly new site. Part of the Brainpass network.

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Melissa, 2006-04-20

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Intro promises

Open up this tour page and you immediately find this is a teeny-bopper looking site. With a stamp of age right up front that states she is ONLY 19 years old and then snapshots of splendor including herself and some of her female friends getting frisky and playful. There are promises in the tour that her photo section is where youíll find Annie Berry getting sexy, indoors and outdoors, she even takes bubble baths with some of her girlfriends. She advertises her journal which is where she says you can stay abreast on her daily activities, including kinky and dirty stories. There are free previews of her videos and from the screen cap promos, itís hard-core action from a teenage honey. Also on intro is the information that this site is a part of the BrainPass network, so youíll get access to all of their sites with membership.

First impression

My first impression of this website is, ok, this doesnít look too difficult, the tour page held some nice hard-core images and information, but upon opening the memberís page youíll find distractions... beautiful, but distractions all the same. A mass of advertisements and links take you to the labeled areas of the network combinations. But alas, it was actually done with taste because there was a link to bring us directly to the site we are interested in, Annie Berry.


Our opinion

Annie could be described in three words, sweet, saucy and sassy. The images on her first page capture not only a youthful side of her, no, not the pigtail sort of youth, but just an aura around her that radiates from her young age and what could almost be innocence, and yet when you scroll down a bit further the latest update images show her being anything but innocent. She is a girl with different facets. She is striving to give you a boner and something tells me sheís going to succeed.

There is a survey on this first page as well, which is nice, that means they do care about what the members want to see on this site. In advertisement it said there are 16 photosets, but in my count I found 13, so hopefully there are 3 hiding somewhere that I havenít found yet. And even 16 photo sets isn't a lot to be honest. Checking out the latest updates we find Annie spending some close personal time with one of her female friends. They are both adorable, but in my opinion spent a bit too much time being conscious of the camera being there. Not many of the pictures showed me how they were realistic in being lost in the moment of their sexual desire, it was more posed and unnatural. But the two of them really are so pretty that you will probably be looking at other parts of their bodies before you notice what direction their eyes are aimed at. The thumbs are laid out very well, with a thin black border frame around these felines of fun, just a neat look to it all, which I enjoyed. The enlargements open in their own window, with a slide show feature that has a 5 second per pic interval. They measure in at, 600x800 pixels and they are extremely clear. Youíll enjoy the soft porcelain look of Annieís complexion, she really is lovely.

Donít think youíre finished with pictures just yet because the videos also offer screen caps, so that is just a little bit of frosting on the cake. There are 9 videos to this site, with an average time of 15 minutes. My choice, for this write up was one of the updates called, ďMe and the Sybian Machine,Ē which is a climb on and fuck me til the cows come home machine that wonít ďpeterĒ out and start snoring after 3 minutes. The vids are offered in low speed and high speed, with high coming at you in WMV (700Kbps) and MPG (650) played in QuickTime. They do come in 4 parts for this particular choice with a full time of nearly 19 minutes.

After downloading the WMV version I was more than impressed with the quality you are getting with these video episodes. Not only was the opening window a nice size with clarity personified, but the full screen viewing didnít miss a stroke on high quality, it was a pleasure to fill up my monitor with Annie and her manly machine. This little girl has had some practice at oral sex because the way she dildo dives on the machineís appendage, she definitely knows what sheís doing. Of course her hand inside her panties was probably the driving force behind her efforts, after all, once some finger action on the clit is administered, itís all a blur from there! The technical information for this choice comes in at the size being 27MB while the run time was 4:59 minutes and a video size of, 480x360. These clips are streaming and downloadable by the way, in case I forgot to mention. In downloading the .MPG version I found that the quality wasnít as clear as the WMV offer. You will find solo, girl/girl, girl/machine and boy/girl action through the clips.

If you get tired of watching and decide to read, donít forget Annie Berry brings her diary to the pages for you to browse through and read about her naughty escapades. I am under the impression that this might be a relatively new site added to the BrainPass network, so donít think badly of the somewhat low numbers in content, itís growing. As I mentioned earlier there are bonus sites available with membership, and to name just a few of them; Peter North, Dog House Digital, Lex Steele, Christine Young, I Love It Black, and Feet Frenzy. One thing is for sure, you will not run out of content any time soon with membership here.


Annie Berry is such a pretty young girl. You look at her and she has one of those faces that you feel like youíve known before, but there is something about the eyes. At times they sparkle with excitement but to me, for the most part she looked like a little girl with a lot on her mind. But you wouldnít know it by the action here, she is busy looking at the camera and getting off. The intro promises held true on this easily navigated website. There was no scratching my head trying to figure out where to go next. The WMV clips were wonderful, even looked good in the full screen viewing, hardly any quality was lost in viewing and the pictures came with the slideshow effect which is always nice. If this site entices you into membership, donít forget all the banging your getting for your buck with the bonus areas.

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