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Beauty and the Senior review

Summary: Beauty and the Senior ignores the taboo of older guys fucking young (18+) girls. The site offers decent quality videos with cute girls blowing and fucking older guys. Content is offered as both pictures and videos.

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Joseph, 2007-11-30

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Intro promises

Yes, you have seen it right! This site is full of beautiful young models who get their eyeballs fucked out by experienced, older men! Enjoy everything that seemed impossible up till now!

First impression

As its name implies, Beauty and the Senior hooks up old guys with very young and very beautiful babes, giving elderly men everywhere false hope. I hate to break it to you, fellas, but your old age will not involve fucking attractive girls forty years your junior; instead, you will struggle with erectile dysfunction and constantly feel deathís steely cold breath on the back of your wrinkled neck. Jesus Christ, weíre all hurtling towards the hungering grave! Will yawning maw never be satiated?! And now Iím depressed. Itís all a big nothing!!! But letís not focus on the horrors of growing old and eventually perishing alone when we could be discussing the pleasures on display at Beauty and the Senior instead. So...letís do that...


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Our opinion

The members area of Beauty and the Senior, which displays recent movie and photo updates, is elegantly designed and features extremely simple navigation, with a menu bar at the top of each page providing links to movies, photos and Seventeen Live, a chatroom for a teen site minus the old ghouls. And thatís about it. Like I said: simple.

Like most classic reality porn sites, the content on Beauty and the Senior is presented in the form of episodes. But thatís where the comparisons to most reality porn sites end ó you will find no vacuous interviews or failed attempts at making the proceedings look real on this site; instead, the episodes tell little stories and none of the performers are presented as amateurs, though the grizzled old fucks most certainly are. Beauty and the Senior is single-handedly bringing back the lost art of storytelling! Think of this site as a porn playhouse! There are fifty-one episodes on Beauty and the Senior at the present time and each episode consists of an exclusive movie and photoset.

The movies on the site are available for download in Windows Media, meaning you will need the Windows Media Player to view Ďem. You get your choice of three speeds: low (like my standards), high (like my cousin Stevie) and full (like your motherís bosom). Videos are cut into two scenes that contain no DRM and look super.

The photo galleries correspond to the videos and compliment them nicely ó they appear to have been shot at the same time as the videos but are not screen captures (thank heavens!). The high-resolution photos are sharper than a Ginsu steak knife and are sized at a robust 800 by 1200 pixels. The photos are gigantic and open in a new window. I really canít overstate how good these photos look; hell, they make my parentsí wedding photos look like big piles of shit! The galleries contain an average of about ninety photos.

My main beef with Beauty and the Senior is its lack of bonus content. Sure, the live chat is nice, but it doesnít feature any old dudes! And where are the bonus feeds? Nowhere to be found on the site. Get it together, Beauty and the Senior! It should also be noted that I had difficulty viewing this site in Firefox, which kept crashing whenever I would log in, thus folks are encouraged to use Explorer to view this site


Though Beauty and the Senior may be a grim reminder of manís mortality, itís also full of hot chicks blowing dudes, so itís not as depressing as you might think it would be. The content is solid, the girls are attractive and the old guys keep it up ó what else could you ask for? Not much, save some bonus material, so if you like to watch old guys throw a few fucks into young snatches, Beauty and the Senior just might be the site for you.

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