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Cali Teens review

Summary: Cali Teens offers a number of amateur teens in both solo, lesbian and boy/girl POV action. The action is okay, unfortunately the quality is too inconsistent and not good enough for today's standards. The frequency of updates is a little unclear as well.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-06-08

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Intro promises

These teen ladies have time on their hands and a sex drive to eat up that time. A clean tour area explains on Cali Teens that you are going to find an ongoing collection of 100% exclusive action featuring strip shows, masturbation, oral sex, penetration and of course every girls favorite... toys. They include for your membership fee, images, videos, live chat and bonus sites.

First impression

I liked the clean, crisp edges to Cali Teens, which may sound strange, but so many tour areas have this and that overlapping here and there and its refreshing to see a clear presentation with color coordinates and pretty young ladies that you know within tour are going to trade in their angelic look for some devilish deeds.


30 day $29.73 (recurring)

Credit card, Check, Phone

CCBill, GX8, PayCom

Our opinion

This is one of those sites folks where navigation doesnt seem to be the key player here. They incorporate the bonus material in and you start clicking on links before discovering that they have meld everything in from all directions, but it seems as if should you stay on the main membership page, you can access everything on this site from there. You have your newest updates and then an archive of updates, which shows each model, and the door to enter what they bring to this site.

The amount of material this site supplies wont cause an avalanche of arousal, its ok... but not the rumbling kind that makes you feel like you could be covered over in porn. Yes, they have the bonus sites, but at the moment, Im speaking about Cali Teens only. It breaks down to 69 videos and 230 picture series, so Im hoping the quality may make up for the quantity. The advertising shot of the newest picture set added is that of Daffney, and it looks like this girl has attitude coming out of her ass! Its the sort of expression you might see in a dark alley right before the first punch is thrown, so Ill have fun analyzing her.

Yes, she does keep that, Go ahead make my day look going throughout her set. I think shes trying to be a dominant type of force, mixed with seductiveness, which some of the shots in this series support, especially with the black clothing and kick-ass high heeled boots shes wearing, but some dont quite pull it off. I would really enjoy seeing this young lady smile, just once even, shes absolutely gorgeous and has everything working for her in these shots. I can imagine if she were to flash some teeth, she would light up the entire room. Her thumbs are great, nicely sized (which you can choose between sizes for them), uniformed and presented with a clean eye for a professional look, all 123 of them. The enlargements come at you with 672x1000 pixels and just as promised, they are high quality. They ask for a vote and give you a slide show feature, so its tit for tat so to speak here.

As for the videos, well, Cassidy was the lucky girl for this part of the write-up. Her long blonde hair and mischievous grin gives an entirely different tone for the movie were about to watch. She has a softness about her as her long blonde hair encases almost a glow around her head. There are no slices made to the play here, they offer only the full video either in low or high, streaming and downloadable. WMV is your chosen format, and even though there is a big difference in quality between these two choices, even the lower wouldnt be a big nuisance to attempt watching. I try to seek for that silver lining, I mean, they have offered some nice quality here.

Your technical aspect on this site comes in the form of the low quality offering only 204 Kbps, and a video size of 240x180. Like I said, much lower standard, but, depending on your connection speed, etc. you could appreciate the fact that you can at least watch them. As for the higher choice, here weve moved up to 1165 Kbps, and a video size of 480x360. It was good, I could still tell a few hints of a blurriness around some edges during movement, but all in all, not bad. The average run time came out to be 8+ minutes for play.

They do supply everything as promised, you have the solo with toys, girls/girls with toys and girls with boys, so they cover the sexual spectrum pretty well. There are live chat girls waiting to take you to that next level, and at the time of me doing this review, out of possibly hundreds to choose from, there were about 12 that were actually online. As for the bonus sites, Night Invasion, San Diego Latinas, I Love Black Girls, Unlimited Access Pass, Insane Coeds, and Wave Hos.


You will get your sex wrapped up in different hormonal balances to Cali Teens, so, you'll get girls with girls, and girls with boys, but your content count as well as quality isn't the highest of numbers. Especially sets before the current year are noticably lower quality. A lot of the girls here try to show some real attitude within their sets, some can pull it off, while some can't. They do offer bonus sites to go along with, which will raise the validity of maybe pulling out your credit card.

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Total average: 76.8/100 Our score: 55.0/100

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2014-04-11 13:14:03

Last Month, I tried the $4 trial for and found the actual caliteens website NOT FUNCTIONAL at all. The bonus pages worked though (all the websites are connected under an "unlimitted access Pass" website and caliteens is part of those. BUT there really isn't very much content on those pages from what I can see. I emailed the owner and reported the bad links but nobody even got back to me. I read on another website that some trial subscriptions may restrict viewing and downloading so I went and paid the $30 or so this morning and there is no difference between trial and full subscription. The caliteens content doesn't work at all. You are allowed to navigate through the models a little bit but when you click the thumb to view the actual content ie, the video, the picture set.... you get a blank page and 404 errors. I'm pretty sure my computer settings are ok, I assume that because the other content is viewable. Hopefully I will hear back from someone but it doesn't look good. One thing I might advise against is the trial subscription option unless you pay attention. Once you pay the $4...... for 3 days... only after you pay, you are informed that it "may" take up to 3 days to cancel the account and you will be charged $29-30... for the next Month! Now..... I wasn't billed, I was able to cancel...... just be aware of that!