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Club Micah review

Summary: Club Micah gives you insight into the life of Micah Moore - a slim brunette cutie. Both video content and pictures are good quality - videos don't live up to the HD promises though.

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Melissa, 2007-12-06

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Intro promises

Welcome to the official Club Micah Moore’s site! When you mix youthfulness, beauty and a desire to be naughty on film, this just might be your end result. The tour area opens to show Micah in her shower cap, a few suds here and there and ready to clean things up before getting dirty all over again. There are promises made such as; 24/7 house cam, HD videos, hot pictures, an exclusive anal scene that can only be found here, a diary and so much more. She seems to be a hot little number that knows just what she wants, and that happens to be, to turn you on sexually!

First impression

It’s always nice to do a review on a teen site when the subject matter is as cute as Micah is. She carries that wholesome look, as if she was farm raised and just made a splash into the big city lights with a dream to take the world by storm. The small images they show on tour depict her being that young girl that shows a playful side, and also the young woman that is alluring and sensual.


1 day Trial $1.00 (recurring @ $29.93)
3 day Trial $4.95 (recurring @ $29.93)
30 day $29.93 (recurring)

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Our opinion

The membership area of this site opens to a lot of information and links. They are definitely making sure you don’t go away still hungry from Club Micah, she has offerings that I didn’t even see mentioned through the tour area. They are good to give the numbers right up front, which is always a plus for two reasons, one, it means they aren’t trying to hide anything and two, it makes it easier for us reviewers. *Smile*

Before I really start going through the exclusive material offered – I wanted to make it clear about everything you’ll get. The list starts out with 26 photo shoots, 24 video shoots, 13 webcam shows and there are 514 DVDs, and yes, you do have access to these, which is a nice perk. They are offered in WMV format, as download and streaming. There are wallpapers offered to spice up your computer and DVD’s that are for sale. They’ve kept things easily navigated and added enough to also keep you busy.

As promised, I’m finding 26 photo sets, and even though the site is 3 months old, each one has a flashing, “New” next to it, so we are almost looking at a virgin presentation. They’ve taken the right step in how to present the offerings. The images are nicely done, but there are a few that make me scratch my head and wonder what they did, because there is some movement, but maybe they were just shot while she was going through the motions of doing this or that. They do offer these in a ZIP option and there is a slide show as well. The enlargements bring in first a decent, 540x810 pixels and if you want the full image, 907x1355 pixels. The approximate amount of pictures per gallery seems to come in around 70+.

Again, the truth prevailed in the number of videos you receive from this site. These are streaming by the way, just so you know. You’ll find mostly solo action, masturbation with toys, fingers, vegetables and even her toothbrush! Yes, there’s a lot to be said for those battery operated plaque removers, they get to those hard to reach places and keep that smile beautiful as she spreads her legs! There are some sets with a couple of her girlfriends, which is what the repeated promise of her first anal falls under. This was done at the hands of female fun in the evening with a slim vibrator.

There are options for the video play, meaning you have low, medium and high resolution through scenes or the full video, they do not bring in the promised true HD, that I was looking forward to, but they look good nonetheless. I enjoy the tightness of this teen’s body and her eagerness to put on a good show. Some viewing really highlighted the learning process of making things look smooth, un-orchestrated, etc., while others seemed more natural, but everything balanced out nicely. The full viewing brought in 7+ minutes of streaming time, while the scenes would break down to approximately 3 minutes each. The three choices for streaming through WMV brought really nice technical numbers in my opinion, those are, 528 Kbps, 360x180 (low), 1120 Kbps, 480x272 (medium), and 2120 Kbps 852x480 (high).

There is a blog area to this site that offers not only text, but pictures and there is even a video blog that’s being offered, so she’s experimenting with different ways of making her site unique. The live chat area, which is her webcam promised territory was a little misleading in areas. It says there would be a 24/7 camera, but when clicking on her webcam, it said no shows were scheduled for this time. You can go private with Micah, but you do have to purchase credits and your username/password is not the same one used for gaining access into this membership area. As I already mentioned, there is the bonus DVD section of this site which is definitely a perk for porn.


Club Micah is an organization you would enjoy belonging to. She keeps things pretty low key in many areas, but she doesn’t mind stripping and masturbating either through solo shots or time shared with female friends.

Most all tour promises came true, my issues were the lack of HD resolution and the inability to find this pledged 24/7 house cam. They did a great job with the videos and the pictures showed off her fun side. Be sure to check out our samples and the tour before obligating yourself to recurring monthly fees.


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