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Cute Angie review

Summary: Cute Angie holds soft-core videos of amateur teen action. JPEG images and videos in WMV and MPEG choices, bonus sites available as well, it's part of a network.

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Melissa, 2005-11-09

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Intro promises

The intro page opens up to the framing of lavender and gold, making this tanned cutie look even more angelic and innocent. But just scan down the page a bit further and you'll see how her innocence is lost. There are some images that definitely make it clear just how wild this cute girl can be. She loves sharing time with her special friends, and there are pictures of proof. Strap-ons and panties off will tempt you further into the area of membership to see just how far they will go. There is also a shot of full finger penetration while Cute Angie shows you exactly where it's itching the most. The intro page promises live shows for you to interact with her, so this is the place that you can bring your kink and hope that she will join in with your whims. She advertises her pictures that claim to have some of them shot by a professional photographer and others by herself and her friends. She confesses to the love relationship she has with the camera. She says her movies are the place where she and her friends really get wild and dirty, they play kinky games for you to enjoy while she gets horny.

First impression

The opening up of Cute Angie tells me this girl has a long life of camera loving posing to do. She is barely legal, there's no doubt about it, and she has a body that will not wilt for years to come. Her small but perky breasts will make you want to cup your hands and just feel them resting in the palms. She has an hour-glass figure that holds the sand evenly distributed in all the right places. She is cute, she is bi-sexual and she is ready to show you just how turned on she really gets, so that makes me think this is going to be a fun site to review and I hope a tempting one for you to check out. Daily updates are pledged.


Our opinion

Ok, sorry to do this folks, but I have to complain right up front. I just don't understand why sites that belong to a network feel compelled to advertise everything they have to offer on the first membership page, why not concentrate on the website that is at hand and then supply a separate link to what else is offered. No big deal that I have to make another click, but still it's a pornographic peeve of mine.

The first actual membership page brought me to a lot of really cute close ups of Angie and a list of her updates. She really is adorable, her eyes are enough to draw you in, and her cheeks are downright "tweekable." She supplies you on this page with her live show schedule, a bit of her newest entry into her diary and also a "What do you like best about me?" survey. That last part is a bit cheesy, but she's young and maybe she really wonders what attributes attract the most attention from viewers. I think I would probably choose "All of the Above" from the list of ass, face, breasts, personality. She is one of those people that when she smiles, she just smiles all over and it's contagious.

Angie really does enjoy what she can do with her body once the red light of the camera goes on. She has 10 galleries of pictures, holding between 40 and 100+ in the folders. She is a sexy little thing and one that I'm sure you'll enjoy watching disrobe and play big girl games. Offered with the set viewing is also a slide show viewing, hands free for your convenience! There is a nice clarity to the images, and none of it is lost in the enlargement process, if anything it's a bit better, or maybe it's just because you can see more of her. The thumbnails come in at a nicely sized, 85x125 pixels, and then for your blown up version, it measures, 600x800. Of course these are JPEG formats. There are brief little gallery descriptions given, such as, "Dildo Time!" You can pretty well figure out what that set of pictures are going to include.

Ok, if you don't go anywhere else on this website you MUST visit the videos! There are a total of 12, but they hold a lot of good gooey cream! I'll give you the break down of the videos themselves first and then there are a couple that I just have to make comments on. The movies are offered in parts, approximately 4 clips per full movie, and they come in high speed and low speed and then there are also images that accompany them, so more pictures for you! Quite a few to be exact so you'll enjoy that. On the low speed option you have, WMV (56) (128), and MPG (350), and then with high speed you are given, WMV (228) (700) and MPG (650) Some of her movies are over 30 minutes in length, so stroke slow you have got plenty of time!

Now that we've covered the technical part, I have to make comment. On the first page of offered videos there is one where Cute Angie is sharing some time with her buddy Christy and they decide to have a contest on who could take the biggest dildo! They have one that is nearly as long as Angie's arm! You'll also catch some "69" action here as well, this girl definitely knows how to spend a rainy afternoon. And during those times when she's feeling sexy but solo, you might want to check your crisper drawer because Angie seems to enjoy the little bumps on cucumbers. She is definitely resourceful and a lot of fun too.

There is a message board available on this website, a diary, and then a long list of bonus sites as well, for example; Busty Christy, Peter North, Lex Steele, Christine Young (her dildo buddy), I Love It Black and Melissa Doll just to name a few offerings.


I am definitely going to overlook the first opening page with the advertisements because I enjoyed the rest of Cute Angie so much. There are plenty of images and even though the count on videos isn't that high yet, all 12 that are offered have some fantastic action in them. And the close-up shots give you ever dripping detail that you are hard breathing and hoping to see the most. The intro page didn't miss a beat on being truthful, if anything it should have disclosed more of what these pages offer. This site is put together very nicely and I'm happy to have the opportunity to review it.


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