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Group Teen Casting review

Summary: Group Teen Casting is in the early stage of development holding amateur teens in the form of videos. There are numerous bonus sites offered as well.

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Mads, 2005-11-29

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Intro promises

Group Teen Casting is a site dedicated to picking up young but sexy teens that are ambitious and want to be in porn. A cute butt, pretty face, nice blue eyes and perfect legs is what we look for. We have ads all over in different countries of the world picking up the best teens around that are willing to have sex with two guys for the first time. We give them double the load of cum and turn them into a star!

All our girls are completely exclusive found only at our site.

First impression

From the outside Group Teen Casting is a well designed, smooth state- of- the- art adult website that deals with hardcore teen content. My first impression is that there's nothing here I haven't seen before in terms of 'wrapping'. Everything here seems well adjusted to support the content and the girls look genuine, real and attractive and not least it looks like they enjoy what they do, which the previews confirm. There's not too many of them on the outside though, hence I'm looking forward to see more on the inside, so let's go...


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Our opinion

Well, well, well... as one enters the member pages it becomes strikingly clear that this site is a newcomer. There's very little unique content here. In fact the site in itself carries as few as 3 models although it seems that there are 3 new models on the verge of being published here...

Normally this incompleteness would call for severe punishment in terms of ratings. Sure, it cannot get a top rating in in terms of originality, but the thing is that there's so much more here than meets the eye. I'll explain later, but for now let's stick to what Group Teen Casting has to offer by itself.

Well, first of all there are 3 models here; Katya, Marina and Vika... there's no initial presentation or other info about them here and the content is video only.

There's no preview content of the first two girls' scenes. I do miss some introductory stuff on the girls as well... on the other hand, who's not fed up with fake profiles. What's important is evidently the action, and if you like to get stright to business this is actually great. The first two movies are only offered as complete downloads rather that divided into smaller segments, but to judge from the most recent girl's video it seems to be the way the site will be deal with its future content which is a considerable improvement for people not on DSL or broadband.

Let's focus a bit on how you can handle the content. It seems almost ignorant not to inform the user about vital specs such as video format, resolution etc., but nevertheless all of this hasn't been taken care of here yet. Anyway, let's stick with the positives; the girls look like teens all right, they are great looking and the action is precisely as hardcore as described on the outside so the technical inconsistency of the site is certainly not the responsebility of the models. I must emphasize right away that there's nothing WRONG with the site technically, all the movies run smoothly when downloaded, the downloads are stable, the download rate is above average.

The movie format is MPG and the resolution of the movie scenes is narrowed down to 320x240 which I find disappointing, although it actually works surprisingly decent in full screen mode, albeit there's no awards waiting down the line. An entire movie runs a standard 20-25 minutes which is pretty normal. Each minute takes up about 10 MB.

The acting action along with the setting is almost blatantly untrustworthy on the verge of being laughable. The models are clearly unexperienced but still they do their best and they're not to blame that they don't know how to act, I'd just wish they'd leave out the whole 'acting- like- this- really- is- a- casting' thing. E.g. two pieces of paper on the door saying "Casting - You WILL be a star" is in fact is the most convincing part... and whoa, it's not exactly impressive!

Okay, so much for Group Teen Casting as of right now. Let's turn briefly towards the reason why I at the beginning of this review implied that there's more on the line here...

The answer is very brief: the SuckMyDickNow network! - charming name, right ;-)

When you join Group Teen Casting you automatically get access to this massive network which includes +3,000 GB of hardcore content. The content is explicitly hardcore and covers a wide range of sites with a broad variety of themes. I wont' go into detail, but let me assure you that unless you're already a part of this network it's definity worthwhile to consider joining. The average quality of the content in the sister sites is clearly above average and very hardcore so if you're looking for a massive ressource of movies this is a nice treat.


Group Teen Casting is a site in an early state of development. It would be deceiving to recommend the site at its present state due to its lack of original content. Furthermore, I do expect higher technical standards from a site that claims itself to be in the higher end of the scale. The resolution ought to be higher, the movies should be offered in more formats and in spite of the fact that the design and navigation is really easy to get a hold off, my overall impression of the movie standards were not as I expected. I simply don't think the term 'hig def video' is a fitting decription.

The fact that you join a wide network with loads of quality material deriving from 24 sister sites that have been around in quite some time is nevertheless quite a soothing factor, but it doesn't make Group Teen Casting anything out of the ordinary on its own. Consequently, the site hits a low score due to a small amount of basically average hardcore material in spite of the fact that the content is relatively original.

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