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Insane Coeds review

Summary: Insane Coeds is almost too small to justify a site of its own. It barely holds 10 episodes which on top of that aren't top quality. On the positive side however, it does have a few decent sister sites that are also included.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-04-26

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Intro promises

They may be pounding the books, but not before they beat around the bush... the pussy bush that is. These girls insert a bit of alcohol and become little horn-dogs, ready to open for the camera and turn on just as many men as they possibly can. They promise on Insane Coeds that youíre going to get high quality video footage of real girls sucking and fucking and taking loads of spunk to their faces. A promised hundreds of girls get laid for this site alone, even though there are bonus areas and a live chat spot too. Freckle faced girls, teens shedding their denim and more are found on the tour page of this site. It looks as though theyíve spread more than their wings when they left home for college life.

First impression

For some reason I have some mixed emotions about what youíre going to get here, the promises were high, but when itís a part of a network site, I always put on the breaks and think about what theyíre saying. But, they did say there were hundreds of girls laid for this site, so thatís a good sign. Weíll see once we get within the membership area.


30 days $29.73 (recurring)
90 days $59.73 (recurring)

Credit card, Check, Phone

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Our opinion

Iíll start out by saying that Iím not impressed with the main membership page to this site. Youíre given nicely sized preview shots that include a model index of sorts, but theyíre screen caps that have a high level of blurriness to them, and when the previews are low quality, what does that say for the material itself? And, I have one pertinent question to interject at this point, what part of, ďHundreds of girls laid for THIS siteĒ means you will get a whopping 7 image galleries and 9 clips? I knew I had a bad feeling and it upsets me that, basically we were lied to from the beginning. Yes, you do get a nice list of bonus sites, but donít pull everything from those in an attempt to make it seem high for this site, tell the truth, nothing will lose members quicker than people being deceived, and in my opinion, thatís whatís happened.

Ok, on with the description of what is here. The thumbs are nicely sized, and when you open a set youíre getting the option of viewing these thumbs as a small, medium or large pixel range. These girls also have their own model's home, that you can access from this area. The lighting and backdrops for the shoots are nice, and even though they said the images were of a high resolution, when I enlarged them to their size of 666x1000 pixels, there was enough blurriness to them, that it changed my opinion of what I thought I would find. They were good, donít get me wrong, but they didnít have the crisp edging, popping from the screen look that tells me itís a really high quality shoot. And as I said before, there are 7 galleries found here, and thatís all.

What they have in the video section, is one episode with each girl, just broken into pieces. These snippets are downloadable only, clicking in hopes to stream brings an open or save prompt, and then you can also right click to save to your hard-drive. Unfortunately there is no single file download option. The action was just mediocre in my opinion, nothing you couldnít see while gazing through your neighborís bedroom window, and the quality of play was poor. There was too much fuzziness, which definitely explains why the screen caps were in such low quality as well. As for the technical information, youíre looking at 496Kbps and a video size of 320x240.

As promised they do supply a webcam area for chatting with live girls, so in case you want some one on one attention, check out this area of the site. To go with it, there are other perks added, one being what they call their premium movie library, where you get several hundred full length DVD quality movies. This part is updated every two weeks. If thatís not enough to tug you by the tag in your jockeys, they also have whatís labeled as, Members Plus. Here youíll find more movies that hold a streaming only effect. And yes, last but not least are the bonus sites that come with your membership fee, and those are; Cali Teens, Night Invasion, San Diego Latinas, I Love Black Girls, and Wave Hos.


Insane Coeds is a disappointment - not much more than than a handful episodes and quality disappointed. In going through other parts of this network, some hold little material, while others hold more, as for this one, itís barely worth your time in my opinion. Promises were made and broken and the quality didnít match up as pledged either, for images or videos.

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