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ITeens review

Summary: I Teens is an amateur teen site that holds content numbering over 50,000 hi-quality photos, huge collection of teen videos, live teen sex shows and erotic stories.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Jan, 2001-11-09

18-23, Amateur


Intro promises

Over 50,000 high quality photos
Huge collection of teen videos
Live teen sex shows
Erotic stories

First impression

The frontpage is very girly, with a lot of red colors.
First inside the site, the background changes to white with a lot of red, still girly - but in relation to the subject, it fits well.
The site is centered covering about half my screen, a menu is placed at the right side with 12 subjects.


Credit card:
3 day trial 4.95$
7 day trial 9.95$
30 days access 39.95$
90 days access 69.95$

39.95$ monthly - US Checking accounts only

Our opinion

The image galleries are links to other sites that provide material, therefore after you choose a gallery you have to click another link to open it, and then you get to the thumbnailed images.
It slows down the expierence a little bit, but there are many pictures this way - when you are a member of Iteens, you get access to all of these sites for free.
However there are some right away links to a few galleries from the front page.
The pictures are really great - both what size and quality regards. And there is lots of them - at least the 50,000 as promised.

The video section is also links to other sites with lots of good content.
At most of the sites there is a bunch of very nice videos, I found many lasting more than 15 minutes, and streaming in windows Media Player at more than 250 kbps.

The live section contains links to some live cams, the first site I found had about 10 live cams, but at the moment there were none available to watch.
The next site had a chat with a live feed.
A lot of the spy cams were empty at the moment, I only found a few that were active - maybe it just wasn't the right time of the day I checked them out. These cams let me choose what player I wish to use, instead of forcing me to download one specific application, nice.

The magazines are quite nice, one of them even has a section for modem users (probably slightly lower quality but better speed).

At the erotic stories I found a site that makes the stories in Flash, kinda cool - it all starts with a presentation of the main role, then you choose a plot, and the story is presented using Flash.

There are a few other sites that you can also access when you a member of Iteens.
They work, and the ones I checked out seem to be quite good, but that's another story.


If you can live with the girly design, there are som great pictures, videos, live cams and additional features here.
There is lots of content, the prices may seem a little high but still aceptable for this kind of bandwith heavy site.

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Total average: 71.7/100 Our score: 60.0/100

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