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Little Mutt review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Little Mutt is a site claiming to love porn. And judging from the site they really do! They treat the models with respect and specialize in letting two amateur models explore their sexuality in lesbian scenes. Good quality content and regular updates.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-09-18

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Intro promises

"OUR MISSION: We love porn. We think that most porn is a healthy expression of sexuality in our society. We do not debase women nor are we misogynistic. We love women and what women do for each other and us. We are dedicated to women and good sex. We will always strive to bring you the best porn youíve ever seen.

Little Mutt is porn for the connoisseur, beautifully shot and edited, it is sexy, intensely erotic and hardcore to the max. We are never, never, ever predictable. The difference between us and many other sites is that we think that getting there is the best part of the experience and variety is the spice of life. Whether itís a single girl masturbating, two or more girls playing, or boys and girls together, we show the climax in all its glory in precise, crystal clear close-up detail. The orgasms are real and there are lots of them. Lots of girl cum!"

- We update four days a week
- 240+ videos
- Over 230 still galleries with 45,000 pictures

First impression

All too many sites that try to inhabit the niche of 'classy' porn fall into the trap of becoming merely showcases of softcore content. Alongside the writing, there's a few glimpses of what's to come. A few nude shots, a few more explicit, and some quite pretty girls. It all seems fairly promising then, albeit nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary. Let's see if it lives up to its boasts.


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Our opinion

Whoever did the layout here earned their scoobie snacks! The designers of this site really deserves accolades for providing such a simple, easy to surf format. It's refreshing to see a site designed with ease of navigation in mind. Topping the page, you'll find a horizontal menu from which you can access: Girls, Stills, Web Videos, Store, Forum and Links. Going down the page you'll find row after row of links to different photo and video gallery update as well as previews of upcoming videos.

After getting to the video page it's a little difficult to know what to choose. There's a huge amount of videos available, which is something I wouldn't normally complain about. The problem with this particular site is just that you rarely come across a still image or video description that screams out 'watch me!'. In a substantial number of the videos, you'll find the girls already stripped down, waiting to be covered in oil and then have their bodies massaged. Usually this ends with them, totally relaxed, being brought to orgasm by the guy either with his own hands or the skillful application of a dildo/vibrator. But where's the fun in this? Haven't these girls been taught the value of sharing pleasure?

In addition to the more solo stuff, there's also some good lesbian 1 on 1 videos, and a few handjob/blowjob or 1 on 1 man and woman fucking vids. The good thing about all the videos featured on this site is that they seem to have a certain intimacy to them. Often those engaged in the action appear to be couples, and clearly have some kind of physical bond which makes watching them all the more pleasing. They know exactly how to get each other off, have no shame to do it, and best of all there's no fake screaming or over-exaggerated orgasms. Unfortunately, the main downside to the video section is that the videos with hardcore content are few and far between.

The videos themselves can be downloaded in their entirety or in a series of clips. With the full movie clips you have the option of MPG, WMV and the iPod format. A full movie usually has a length of about 30 minutes. I can only comment on the WMV and MPG clips as I do not own an iPod. The WMV clocked in at 310 MB (25 min clip) with a resolution of 640x480. The MPG clocked in at 284 MB with a resolution of 320x240. While both look absolutely brilliant full screen, I'd have to say the Windows Media files thanks to its resolution have the edge as far as clarity as concerned. I've got some very decent download speeds averaging around 480 KB per second.

The photo section of the site suffers from the same orginizational problems as the video page. You'll feel like you're sifting through pages for days. The photo section of the site is called 'Stills'. Fortunately, just like the video section, it has an enormous amount of content. I got in expecting half assed, low quality, motion blurred pictures. I was wrong. They're some of the best I've seen. They're 800x1200 pixels, with vibrant colorus making the images practically pop right out of the screen. You download images individually or galleries in their entirety, compressed in a single ZIP file.

Little Mutt also has a few extras. You get access to their little online video where you can buy the 'Directors Cut' versions of several different episodes. They boast that these videos are twice as long as can be shown on the site, and that they 'defy you' to sit through one without ejaculating more than once. I'm not sure if this is true or not. However, for the price of $28.99 you can order a DVD and find out!

They also have their own php based discussion forum. Surprisingly, it's actually quite active and sports over 500 members. There are your typical forums for the more serious issues/suggestions about the site and there's also various subforums. It also doesn't hurt that some of the people involved in shooting and 'acting' in the scenes are active on the board. I think this gives the site a real 'community' vibe that makes you feel all warm fuzzy.


Overall, I'd say Little Mutt is well worth the price of admission. You get loads of high quality, original content and the updates are pretty frequent. My only real beef would be the overall lack of organization in the videos section. This, however, could be easily remedied. Perhaps if they separated content by category you'd be able to get to where you wanted much easier, instead of searching through tonnes of massage videos before finding a little 1 on 1. Nevertheless the high quality of both video and picture content and the massive diversity to the selection should leave most visitors pretty satisfied.

That's not to mention the tip-top caliber of girls to be found here. I must have watched around 30 videos and perused significantly more of the picture galleries and I could quite honestly say I wouldn't say no to a single one of these babes. In fact, I think they'll have you howling in delight!


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