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Little Mutt Review

Summary: Little Mutt is a site claiming to love porn. And judging from the site they really do! They treat the models with respect and specialize in letting two amateur models explore their sexuality in lesbian scenes. Good quality content and regular updates.

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Score 90.0 /100
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J., 2006-08-02

18-23, Amateur, Lesbian, Babes, Photography / studio, Butts, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Over 180 Galleries with 60 to 300 pics each!
- Over 200 Full Length Videos 10-40 minutes long!
- Updates 4 days a week
- Natural girls, age 18-24

First impression

Lots of young, perky natural girls on the simple but professional main page and who can complain about that? There's also a pretty extensive explanation for what the site is about. I like a site with a mission statement that doesn't involve words like "dirty sluts" and "cum-soaked."
The site's creator (a dude named Sal Paradise) explains what you'll find on the site clearly (young natural models, lesbians, solo girls, and boy/girl only when there is chemistry) so specifically that you can tell he's a connoisseur. I am very much looking forward to see if he lives up to his statement here. And maybe I'll figure out what the hell the site's name is all about.


Credit Card, Online Check, Phone (30 day only)

30 days: $29.95
60 days: $39.95
90 days: $59.95
1 year: $99.95

Our opinion

The main members' page is laid out reasonably well. You get two navigation bars up top with links to the list of models and both the video and photo galleries. I like that there are lots of different ways to access the content - some sites have only a list of models which isn't that helpful if you're just interested in video or photo content. There are also links to the site's store (where you can purchase extended cuts of the video scenes on VHS and DVD) and a few other things that I'll touch on later. Below that there are pictures, pictures and more pictures. You've got your thumbnails of the last couple weeks of updates (including two upcoming sets' thumbs), a thumb for Sal's Pick and, below all that, headshots for every model on the site which links you to each model's personal page and her preview video.

Now, I'm all for laying everything out on the table, but there are simply a TON of images on this page. And, seeing that you can access all these models from the Models page, I can't help but think that this is a bit excessive. The updates on top are great, but scaling down the model list on the main page would greatly increase the speed and flow of the site and make for less redundancy.

Clicking into that model list, by the way, I see a very nicely laid-out listing with 7 girls per page (there are over 100 different models currently). You get a nice large thumbnail of the girl's face and a little blurb about her written by Sal himself. Clicking on the image brings up her page which collects all of her sets (both video and photo) in an easy-to-access manner. Plus, sometimes there's yet more info on her from Sal on these pages. If you're the type of guy who doesn't like bland, faceless girls in your porn, you're sure to not be disappointed by what Sal puts out there for you - you leave the site feeling like you made some friends. Some friends who would likely think you were creepy and gross for masturbating to them, but we've all got friends like that in real life. Right?

Moving into the Video section, I get a listing very similar to that of the model list - large thumbnails and nice descriptions for each set. I could do with a few more than 7 listings on each page (perhaps even at the expense of smaller thumbnails), but this will do just fine. Clicking on a video set opens up that set's page which has an extended description and thumbnails for each section of the video available for streaming or download. There's a link right up top to download/stream the whole video as one file or as smaller clips (usually around 3 minutes a piece). The layout here is neat and very intuitive.

The video content on the site is really where you're likely to spend the most time. The content available here is top notch in so many ways it's kind of hard to keep track. First of all, the models are exactly as they were described on the tour - young, natural, petite girls who, for the most part, appear to be truly enjoying themselves on screen. The videos almost always involves some apparently real orgasms and the girl/girl stuff is replete with giggling nervousness which, coupled with the genuine attraction and chemistry a lot of these girls seem to have with each other, makes for some very uniquely "real" videos. One of my favorite aspects of the content here is what Sal calls "Private Time" videos, where he sets up a room with a few cameras and walks away to let the girls just be themselves for a while. That kind of idea is indicative not only of the fun and unique ideas he likes to try out on the site but also of the respect he shows his models. You'll never here a command from behind the camera or see a girl looking like she doesn't want to be there. It's this aspect of the scenes that resonate with me - too often I find myself completely turned off to porn altogether by the lack of respect that's shown towards the women in the scenes. This comes out especially in the handful of boy/girl scenes available on the site. Sal only works with real couples, so there's a genuine relationship and chemistry between the two with no mindless pounding just to get the scene over with. Very impressive and, most importantly, very erotic stuff.

Apart from that, the videos are technically impressive as well. There's a good attempt made in each scene to light and dress a set appropriately, keeping everything "real" while not making it look like amateur stuff. Sure, sometimes it's a bit too dark here or a little shaky there, but it's obvious that some work went into making these. In fact, if you start far enough back, you can actually see the progression of quality in the work - a good sign that Sal is continually trying to improve the site. He just recently changed the update schedule to include 2 video and 2 photo updates per week so you know he's got an interest in keeping his subscribers happy. In terms of video quality, it gets a bit messy with a few different formats floating around on the site. You've basically got Windows Media and MPG clips to choose from, with the occasional iPod formatted video (.mp4) showing up. Some WMVs are 320x240 at nearly 700kbps, others (sometimes called "super hi rez") are twice that size with about twice the bitrate to accompany it. The MPEGs are usually of the smaller size and don't have quite the crispness of the WMVs (especially when you try to blow them up), though they have significantly smaller filesizes. Overall I'm okay with the range of quality on these - though they don't come near the generic "hi-def" descriptor in the tour. I do wish that the descriptions of each quality were a little more standardized and, well... descriptive. But that's a minor complaint as I'm pretty sure you'll be wanting to download a great deal of these videos no matter what quality you choose.

The photo section is set up exactly as the model and video sections, but instead of descriptions you get more thumbnails listed on the index pages. Click on a set and all the thumbs for that set pop up (can be a little loadtime-heavy on the larger sets that reach up over 100 images), plus a link to download the set as a .zip file. The navigation could stand an upgrade to something with a little more separation (20 thumbs per page maybe), but the server speed on the site was very good to me all the times I was visiting. The photos look nice - a bit amateurish at times (some awkward shadows, flat lighting, etc.) but just as in the videos, it's obvious that an effort was made here. The photos pop up nice and large (800x1200) and you can easily navigate between photos in a set from the photo viewing page. Some of the sets are essentially photo versions of the videos (though I neither saw nor heard evidence of a camera in the videos), but some are unique. The photos are pretty much the standard web fare - Hustler but with more daylight and penetration. They show off the girls' natural beauty well and I don't have many complaints about them (though it should be noted I'm not raving either).

Other features on the site include a quiet forum, rarely updated "sex Tips" with a doctor and fiction sections (these are very small), and then the store I mentioned earlier where you can buy DVDs and VHS tapes containing extended versions of the scenes on the site. No bonus content here, but it's hard to hold that against them since the amount of exclusive stuff here is so impressive. No FAQ to explain the damn name though...


Sal has put together a nice site here - Little Mutt is one that sticks to the mission statement and provides some quality content of quality models. This kind of site is on a different scale entirely than all those video repositories or pseudo-reality sites and it's really for a different kind of porn viewer than your average Vivid Video fan. If you like to see the girls in your porn enjoying what they're doing, have some personality and be treated with some respect then this is the perfect site for you. If you're looking for girls with big hair gagging on cock and pretending to enjoy getting two dicks in her ass then you should throw a dart on our review list and check out which ever one it hits. This one's unique. And it's a keeper.


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