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LS University Cheerleaders review

- 1st revisit

Summary: LSU Cheerleaders is an amateur teen site that brings over 40,000 thumbnailed images, 30+ hours of videos with multiple weekly updates.

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Martin B, 2002-02-22

18-23, Amateur


Intro promises

Over 40,000 hot and horny cheerleader and coed pictures, all thumbnailed!
Real college and pro cheerleaders.
Over 30 hours of frequently-rotated streaming cheerleader tease videos.
Hundreds of hardcore and softcore on-demand streaming videos.
Free access to "The Girls House" -- watch naked teen girls party 24/7 Live!
A "Club" format, where you can make suggestions and requests!
Picture trading post featuring the largest real cheerleader picture archive on the web.
An amateur contest and bounty hunt with $200/month in prize money.
Updated multiple times weekly, constantly adding new cheerleaders, coeds and teens in panties!

First impression

On the start page a smiling teen cheerleader is giving you a warm welcome, with an inviting look in her eyes. A very good start! Thereís also pictures of other cheerleaders in different situations, cheerleader-practice, lesbian and wild sex dare! All of the girls look great. With more than 40,000 pics of horny good looking cheerleaders, this could be good.


Our opinion

The free tour is looking nice and shows many pictures from the different sections. A fine opportunity to see what itís all about. Personal interviews and pictures of the girls are also included in the free tour, thatís a good feature. Ok letís go to the members area!

I am overwhelmed by the amount of pictures found on Lightspeed University! All pictures of the young and teasing cheerleaders are simply fantastic, the quality is outstanding and everything is original - and they actually look like they are having fun. The girls look fantastic and the number of categories makes it easy to navigate to your favorite section or girls. If youíre a regular visitor you will have quick access to the new things through the "Whatís new" section.

The easy way to navigate around Lightspeed University, makes it a true pleasure to look for your favorite girls in the very big video or picture section. Many of the girls are featured in both sections and a few are also interviewed on video. Itís easy to download the videos and the quality and speed is good. I was surprised by the length of some of the videos, you will actually get a great chance to see these girls in action.

In the live feature you can watch the girls all around a house loaded with cameras - in the shower, bedroom etc. From the floorplan you can switch between the rooms to find the best action or use the chatboard in some of the rooms to chat with the other viewers. Although I must say that some of the girls seem to have passed the average university age.

Thereís also some funny sections e.g. the bloopers section, where you can watch some of the videoclips that didn't turn out that well... Let me just say that the girls seem to have trouble concentrating when too many spectators are around!

In the weekly contest thereís a chance to win a one month membership if you send in the funniest picture. Itís quite amusing to watch the former winners! Nice and untraditional section.

If you just canít get enough - visit the videoshop and you will find many hours of university girls, well described and at a fair price.


Lightspeed University keeps its promises. 1000ís of original pictures and videos, lots of interactive fun and entertainment updated frequently - and the price is fine. I have had a lot of fun visiting Lightspeed University and the amount of juicy young cheerleaders is astonishing. If you canít get enough of cheerleaders this is THE page for you. If youíre looking for hot girls Lightspeed University is definitely also worth a visit. And if youíre just not sure, you can take the free tour and you will soon find out.


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