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Nudme review

Summary: Nudme is a network of 9 sites that promises amateur but gives you a mixed bag of adult entertainment. As a rebranded WTF Pass, Nudme has a few issues with its design and accessibility but makes up for these shortcomings with multiple HD download formats and archives that are plenty big enough to satisfy even the most addicted of porn fans. While it isnít the best amateur bang for your buck, lovers of Eastern European girls might well consider giving it a try.

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Arnox, 2013-03-26

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Intro promises

ďHuge and growing collection of amateur GF actionĒ

- HD Videos
- Zipped photo archives
- Regular Updates

First impression

Nudme dresses itself up as a go-to centralized hub of amateur girlfriend pornography with its hot tour showing plenty of classic revenge-style uploads. A modern porn site is all about letting the visuals do the work and Nudme definitely goes down this avenue with dozens of preview images and gifs to get you in the mood. I guess itís just as well, seeing as I spotted a few grammatical errors on the tour from the little writing that was available!

Still, no one needs an academic standard of writing when it comes to adult entertainment because, letís face it, youíre here to enjoy the media, not the text. You get to see a heap of high quality content in the tour, but will this translate into a memberís area worthy of signing up for? If you want to know if Nudme lives up to expectations, read on for an honest and comprehensive look at the inside of the site.


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Our opinion

After signing into Nudme, I was presented with a huge list of other sites that I might want to join at a discounted price. Personally, when I join a porn site, I donít want an intrusive step between me and the homepage that requires you to scroll quite a few times to hit the 'no thanks' button. Still, it only took a few seconds to move on and there I was: the Nudme homepage! Except that itís actually the homepage of WTF Pass, which Iíve been told is the original networkís name.

Turns out that Nudme is simply a rebranding of the original network and itís an attempt to get fans of amateur porn to consider signing up. It isnít an immediate issue so long as this site delivers content that is relevant to the GF and amateur niches. With that in mind, I guess itís a better time than any to actually check out what sort of porn youíre getting your hands on.

Classic porn network models, scenes and niches

So Nudme is basically WTF Pass and WTF Pass is basically a collection of 9 porn niche studios that all produce adult entertainment with a common style/format running throughout. Some of the niches are obviously relevant to the concept of girlfriend and amateur porn such as College Fuck Parties and Private Sex Tapes, but I donít think HD Massage Porn and Panda Fuck Ė the latter of which literally involves a man in a panda costume penetrating women Ė are exactly fitting for the genre the tour promised us.

College Fuck Parties has some great scenes but I must stress at this point that it isnít true amateur porn. Itís set up in such a manner that it appears to be amateur, but some of these girls appear in several different scenes and are clearly semi-professional porn stars. This isnít a huge issue for me, because the scenes are constructed in such a way that one could easily suspend their disbelief and enjoy the moment. Most of the scenes are group sex with a few shot from the POV of a stud in the action. Everything from blowjobs to anal is covered. I took a look at 5 scenes in total and all of them featured Eastern European girls speaking in native tongues with subtitles provided. The content on all of the other sites was very similar in style and amateur approach.

The girls were super gorgeous and the camera work was decent. Given that amateur is usually poorly lit and with terrible audio, itís nice to get a break and experience the juxtaposition that is professional amateur porn. While Nudme is far from a pure hub of genuine amateur content, I think it would be unfair to say that fans of the girlfriend and amateur niche wouldnít be happy with the quality porn available here.

Highly liberated media streaming and download options

Scenes on the site are available as a high quality flash stream by default but come in a huge number of different options for download. There are about 15 unique qualities and formats available Ė far too many to list here Ė but I will say that the range is top notch and the highest quality option comes in at 1920x1080 pixels and has a more than respectable bitrate of 5 Mb/s. Download options for Apple TV, iPhones, iPads and Android devices are also offered.

As far as the pictures are concerned, they are unique from the video and come at a resolution of 1600x1066 pixels. You can browse thumbnails on the Nudme website or alternatively download them in a zipped file. As you would expect, all images come in a standard JPG format.

Reasonable library of past updates

The network as a whole has 1,280 scenes and Iíd say about half of those are relevant to the amateur-style niche. Pictures come with every scene, so given an average of 100 or so per set, youíre getting at least 100,000 images when you sign up as well.

It works out rather well that thereís a decent archive, because no dates are added to any of the scenes, so I canít tell you with any degree of authority whether a new scene is released every year or every hour. I doubt the network has stopped releasing material completely because Iíve reviewed WTF Pass before and see new stuff coming in, so a conservative estimate from my experience would put 2-3 scenes a week as the current schedule.

Basic memberís area with heavy adverts

Nudme pulls no punches when it comes to suggesting alternative sites for you: every page has at least 3 adverts on it that are other pay sites offering a similar style of porn. The design itself is below average if Iím honest; navigation is basic at best and although the porn isnít hard to access, I donít think Iíd be alone in saying that Nudme is quite a visually unappealing site. Of course, their porn is the polar opposite, so I guess it swings in roundabouts.


While it would be dishonest of me to claim that Nudme is a premier source amateur porn, I think it would be equally as dishonest to claim the opposite.

Nudme does have a lot of scenes that are pseudo amateur girlfriend porn and fans of the niche would definitely enjoy whatís available. That said, if you do want a diehard collection of true amateur smut, this site isnít the finest one out there to fill that void. All in all, a reasonable option that might be the best of a bad deal if the competition doesnít tickle your fancy.


ATK Galleria is somewhat of an authority on what constitutes good amateur adult entertainment. They literally pick first timers that want to try out the industry and give them a good look at what to expect (which is everything from softcore lesbian to hardcore anal).

I Know That Girl is a similar Ďprofessional amateurí porn producer that has solid POV scenes and HD streams. Itís a part of the Mofos network so thereís plenty of bonus action as well.

Letís Try Anal was a site I reviewed just last month and itís based on the idea of girls allowing their boyfriends to penetrate them anally for the very first time. Similar to Nudme, Letís Try Anal is Ďprofessional amateurí.


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