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Paul Markham Teens review

Summary: Paul Markham Teens is a photgraphy/studio site holding hard-core amateur teen action. 1,700+ picture sets, exclusive videos that are streaming or downloadable.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Burton, 2005-09-20

18-23, Amateur, Photography / studio, Movies, Videos, Hardcore, Lesbian, Babes


Intro promises

"This is not another site thrown together with cheap porn hoping you will join."

"It's the HOME SITE of one the worlds leading teen pornographers Paul Markham. "

"He's been doing it since 1978 and if you like fresh faced teens who enjoy sex this site is for you. No one gets as many fresh, horny and willing teens to pose for porn as Paul."

First impression

This is the site of the porn photographer Paul Markham from the Czech Republic. I have never heard of him before seeing this site, but he claims to be one of the World's leading teen pornographer, so let's see if he is. The layout looks clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, and from first glance there looks to be a lot of material. All this for a little too high of a price, though. At least, this is my first impression... I have been wrong in the past.


$29.95 30 days Recurring Billing
$49.95 60 days Recurring Billing
$54.95 60 days Non-Recurring Billing
$65.00 90 days Non-Recurring Billing

Our opinion

The front page is organized so that you can browse Markham's work by subject matter. It is set on a clean white background with no clutter. The whole site has a minimalist vibe, with the huge amount of content as the centerpiece. The different categories you can go to include "Our latest 40 new sets," "All content (1761 sets)," "Teenage (1416 sets)," "Couples (497 sets)," "Videos (255 sets)," "Amateur sets (302 sets)," "Glamour sets (142 sets)," "Big tits sets (152 sets)," "Nude sets (37 sets)," or "Inter-racial sets (33 sets)." Some of the choices for sets are a little bizarre to me given the theme of the site, but this is porn... what isn't bizarre! The organizational structure is nice because you can pick a section and narrow down what you are looking at. There is a lot of material here, so any way to narrow it down vastly improves the user's experience.

The photo section is great. You can view the photos in 640x426, 800x532, or 1200x798. There are about 1800 picture sets with about 100 pictures per set. These sets have everything anyone would want in a teen site. There are sets of solo girls masturbating with their fingers and with dildos. There are sets with sex, even some anal. Not all the girls are teens, but they are all hot, so one does not feel totally cheated in that regard. Based on the girls' accents in the video clips, I think they are all Eastern European, which is an area of the world that produces some of the hottest girls, so you really can't go wrong. The best part of the photo section is the slideshow feature. You can play the slideshow of the entire gallery in either small, medium, or large resolution with whatever amount of time you choose in between each slide. I like to choose one second, because the sets are so large. This section is proof positive that those who maintain this site do so because they love the material themselves. This is the type of feature that makes this reviewer raise an eyebrow and add some points.

The video section even further impresses me. The videos are all 384x288 and about 15 minutes in length total (some are more and some are less) and they appear to be mostly exclusive to this site all prepared by Paul Markham himself. The variety is the same as the photo section. In fact, some of the videos and photo shoots are exactly the same. This is not a bad thing, actually. I watched a whole video and an entire slideshow of the same shoot and came away feeling satisfied with both. There is also evidence here of the webmaster's understanding of the customer. The videos can be streamed or downloaded. You can download the entire video or small clips for those with a slower connection.

I have to commend the creators of this site for their browsing features. You can browse the content any way you want. They have included a mechanism where members can rate the sets between one and five stars. You can also browse quite easily by solo girl, couples, amateurs, blondes, double penetration... I am not going to list them all here, because it is an exhaustive list. You can also browse by set rating, so you can display the highest rated sets first and descending towards the least rated sets. Moreover, you can browse by set rating within each section. I like these features a lot. Again, these types of features add to the personality of the site. It makes one feel that the webmaster is designing the site because it is a site that he or she would like to join themselves, not just to make a quick buck.

You have to take the good with the bad and I do have a couple critiques of this otherwise good quality site. First of all, there are times when the site is excruciatingly slow. I have a high speed connection and sometimes it would take long periods of time for the pages to load; sometimes they wouldn't load at all. Other times they would load right away, so I don't know what is going on there. I would say that 50% of the time this would happen to me, which is far too many to be forgiveable. Also, some of the videos simply would not download. This would happen to me almost 50% of the time which is in my mind far too many times. Compounding these two problems is the high price. $30 per month is not worth the content here. The speed problems make it even less value for your money. As you sign up for more time the value increases, but the initial monthly charge is too high.


Paul Markham Teens certainly lives up to its claims that "(t)his is not another site thrown together with cheap porn hoping you will join." I agree with that. It's got a lot of original, good quality content by an apparent veteran in the field. The site is designed with the user's needs in mind, with the slideshow feature and download options evidencing this. Navigation is also great quality and easy. They just have some issues with speed that need to be worked out. And the price is too high. Other than that, a pretty good site.


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