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Paul Markham Teens review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Paul Markham is truly a dirty old man. He has his own way of supporting college students in need of an extra buck - paying them to photograph them naked. How is that for contributing to the society? All this turned into a great site with daily updates.

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Joseph, 2006-09-15

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Intro promises

ďThis is not another site thrown together with cheap porn hoping you will join. It's the HOME SITE of one the worldís leading teen pornographers Paul Markham. Heís been doing it since 1978 and if you like fresh faced teens who enjoy sex this site is for you. No one gets as many fresh, horny and willing teens to pose for porn as Paul.Ē

First impression

Paul Markham is a creep of the highest order (and I mean that as a compliment). Paul is a dirty old man who has been photographing legal teen porn since 1978, a good decade before most of his current subjects were born. Paul is clearly a seasoned pro and his pornographic pics have appeared in magazines as diverse as Hustler, Barely Legal, Just 18 and Parade Magazine (okay, maybe not Parade Magazine...yet...), just to name of a few. Not only does this guy have the greatest job in the known universe (narrowly beating out ice cream taster and mechanized phony vagina tester to win the coveted title), but he also has a pretty darn good website. Bitchiní! Let us embark on a voyage of self-discovery, one fraught with countless hours of introspection and quiet prayer... on second thought, letís just look at Paul Markhamís website.


Our opinion

The main members page of Paul Markham Teens is broken up into eleven sections: next weekís updates, newest sets, all content, videos, teenage, couples, amateur, glamour, big tits, nude and interracial. The fancy banner across the top of each page also provides links to areas of interest, including teens, amateurs, couples, videos and all content. Obviously, thereís some overlap between these various sections, so youíll have to root around to find something special.

Paul is simply maniacal about updating Paul Markham Teens ó believe it or donít, he actually adds ninety videos and ninety image sets every month (thatís three videos and three picture sets every single day, folks!). There is a shit-ton of wanking fodder on this site ó weíre talking six hundred models, thousands of images and hundreds of videos, people. Though much of the veritable mountain of smut collected on this site was shot by Paul during the past fifteen years of his career, our man also posts pictures and videos that he has purchased at content stores; the addition of this bought porn promises to give Paul the ability to add forty-two new updates per week in the future. How many other sites on this planet post forty-two updates a week?! Precious few, my friends, precious few...

There are over eighteen hundred photo shoots on Paul Markham Teens, each averaging about one hundred pics a piece. Thatís one hundred and fifty thousand images, people! Paul is an adept lens man, so all of the shoots are shot well. The action is perfectly staged and the photos are as clear as a case of Crystal Pepsi (the younger members of my audience should ask their folks to explain to them what Crystal Pepsi was).

There are currently four hundred and ten videos on Paulís site. Thatís over one hundred hours of video, people! Members can either download or stream the clips in the Windows Media format. Members also have the choice of downloading the full length videos or watching the movies in bite-sized clips; heck, you can even download a brief sample clip to see if the video is worth your time. The size of the videos is 352 by 288. Best of all, the videos contain no license restrictions. Hurrah! Iím pleased to report that the videos look just as good as the photos do.

Tired of looking at teens but donít wanna leave the cushy confines of Paul Markham Teens just yet? No problem, chief ó there are games (poker, etc.), a message board (which Paul posts on regularly), stories and jokes to keep you occupied. Sample joke: How do you get a nun pregnant? You fuck her. Címon, thatís pretty good... Stop rolling your eyes...


Paul Markham Teens is a great site run by a veteran of the porn industry. Paul knows his shit and does his very best to give his members the biggest bang for their collective buck. I highly recommend Paul Markham Teens to any person who likes looking at teens in their birthday suits (i.e., every heterosexual man on earth).


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