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Rub A Teen review

Summary: I can't think of many ways to better earn my daily bread than running my hands all over a beautiful 18 year old babe's naked oil-slicked body. Rub A Teen takes you into the massage parlors where these lovely things choose to get their rub downs, which inevitably end with the girls sucking cock and taking hard dick between their spread open legs. The episodes here are original and filmed in HD, and while there aren't a ton of them in the library yet updates are weekly and access to a great network of related 18-23 fantasy sites is included as a bonus.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-04-10

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authentic amateurs, baby oil, groping, happy ending, massage, Team Skeet

Intro promises

"Full body, full release! These girls aren't 100% sure what they signed up for but they never want it to stop!"

- HD movies & multiple formats
- 800 girls
- 661 hours of video
- 49,000 photos
- 7 Updates a week
- Network access to bonus sites

(promises reflect network size and offerings)

First impression

A professional masseur is above all else professional, so they don't cringe and run away when the fat hairy men come in for a rub down and they certainly aren't thinking of changing careers when just the opposite happens: a slender 18 year old babe steps through the door undressed and lays her nude body out on the table for a sensual rub down. Thankfully, this site is most interested when the latter takes place.

And professionalism apparently has its limits, too. Inevitably these cute girls end up with the masseur's hard cock in their mouth and spreading their oil slicked legs to take hard dick. The numbers promised on the tour are for the network, it seems, but it does look like a nice size collection of HD movies and picture galleries are available at Rub A Teen itself. Read on in this review for a full list of details regarding what the site has to offer you.


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Our opinion

When you first sign into Rub A Teen you are actually signing into the Team Skeet network, the name for the group of sites that are included as bonuses, just like they promised on the tour. You can skip right to the collection of movies and pictures that make up Rub A Teen by choosing it from the list of sites, or you can browse recent updates on the entire network. The rest of this review will mostly look at what Rub A Teen has to offer, though.

Sexy 18-23 year old amateurs, small tits, lots of oil, and hot massage sex

All the ingredients are here to ensure a sensual, tactile, and erotic experience for any fan of massage sex porn movies. The models are of course of the most interest I think, as they are the focus of the rubbing, the oiling, and the hardcore action. The girls are all 18 or 19 years old and on the petite side, with natural bodies and for the most part small tits. They come into the room and undress before laying out on the table. It doesn't take very long for the massage to degenerate into inappropriate touching and masturbating as the girls have their pussy lips, tits, ass cheeks and thighs squeezed and given ample attention. Then suddenly the girl is begging to have the guy's cock in her mouth as he finishes her rub down with a hardcore fucking and a messy jizz cum shot.

High Definition movies and multiple media options

There were 1080p HD MP4 downloads with an excellent quality playback, opening to a large 1920x1080 screen resolution (+11 mbits). You'll also find there are a number of other download formats, including 720p HD MP4, 360p MP4 and WMV and Mobile-ready alternatives. You can stream movies online instantly as well. They have an embedded Flash video player that offers a good quality playback instantly, without having to download anything before hand.

A photo set is included with each of the episodes, and they will show great shots of the girls stripping and getting rubbed down, as well as of the hardcore experience that follows the legit massage. You can browse the good quality images online or save the galleries in zip files.

Small but growing library

There were only 38 original episodes in the library at the time of my visit, but to the site's credit they are adding a new episode every week. An update includes both the HD movie download and stream, plus the picture gallery. Updates have been very consistent since the site started in mid- to late-2012.

Network extras are crucial

This is a site where the network extras that are included can really make the difference. The first bonus is that they just add more content, plain and simple, to a site that has just a few dozen episodes in its library. The second bonus is that just about every site on the network is focused on fun 18-23 reality porn scenarios and fantasies. Sites like Her Freshman Year, Shes New, and POV Life star hot and petite models just like those you'll find in the massage sex scenes at Rub A Teen. The network is updated every day (usually a different site each day but they favor a few over the rest) and offers HD videos, streaming playback, and all the great features as Rub A Teen.


Rub A Teen is still a rather new site in the making but its collection offers some exciting and original massage sex with hot 18-23 year old models. The HD downloads and streams, the related network bonuses, and the overall quality of the content earns it some respect and a recommendation: check this collection out if you're after quality massage porn.


HD Massage Porn is going to be a natural choice for you as well, as its focus is on petite and sexy girls getting rubbed down and fucked on a massage table in full HD. The site is also part of a network, starring more hot European girls in hardcore scenarios revolving around homemade porn, POV sex and other fun hardcore action.

Another site in the massage porn niche which has become popular as of late is Massage Creep is one of my favorite massage sex sites. They star both well known porn star babes and lesser known amateurs in these hardcore scenes, which include lots of oil, lots of groping and rubbing of big tits and shaved pussies, and hardcore penetration in crazy positions.

My Naughty Massage is a new collection starring porn star babes in erotic and intense hardcore massages. It's from the Naughty America network and filmed in HD - network access is included a free bonus here as well.


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Total average: 80.1/100 Our score: 80.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2013-08-28 21:42:22

The videos are way too long. The additional network sites are okay but someone at TeamSkeet thinks that because they filmed a half an hour or more of video that they need to use it all. In this case, less is more. The foreplay is interminable. The sex, horrors of horrors, goes on so long as to become boring. I found myself fast forwarding through the videos to get to a different position. Then you pretty much get the the point of 'just cum already!'.
The male cumshots are sometimes week at best. In one video, a gorgeous and very fun teen has 'love you long time' sex with the cameraman and the best cum shot he could get is a dribble out of his cock. More than likely he dumped his load at least once or twice before the video ending shot.
Again, less is more. If the girl got your rocks off because she's hot, that translates through the camera and we enjoy it more. Don't have to be a 'fuck god' to make porn.