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Saddle Gals review

Summary: Saddle Girls features about 10 video episodes of girls riding a sybian. A sybian is an advanced masturbation machine that is supposed to give girls huge orgasms. We get to see if that is true. The only major flaw is that there is not a lot of content yet - what is available is good though.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-05-07

18-23, Videos, Movies, Other


Intro promises

- 100% exclusive
- Full length videos in Quicktime or Flash
- Screenshots
- Loyalty discount
- Updated every week
- No DRM

First impression

Giddy up there, and let's see how long these cowgirls can ride the mechanical pleasure machine - the Sybian, that is. The Saddle Gals' tour shows a lot of attractive women getting pleasantly surprised and, dare I say shocked, by their straddling experience. I'm sure their little vibrators at home didn't prepare them for this Sybian saddle experience. The tour looks pretty good, so let's hope the paysite delivers on the inside.


$14.95/30 days, recurring

Credit cards, 900 billing, and checks via CCBill

Our opinion

Navigation is very easy, with Home, Video Archive, Support, and Links as your menu choices. Below that is a thumbnail of the latest video and four of the recently added videos. There's also a "Coming Soon" thumbnail and the date of when the next Sybian episode will be uploaded.

The site is new; there are only 15 episodes. Based on the past few episodes, it looks like there will be one update every week. Of these episodes, only 10 include the Sybian; the rest are just women masturbating. Having a third of a paysite with videos of a different niche is disappointing.

The videos come in Quicktime and Flash Video. The videos open to 852 by 480 pixels, with most of them being pretty good quality. The oldest three videos were videotaped with a lower quality camera; after that, the videographer upgraded to a better camera. The difference in quality definitely shows between the newer videos and the older ones. The videos range from 7 to 18 minutes, with the average probably around 11 minutes. Downloading is fairly quick.

Reena Sky was very expressive riding the Sybian. She was clawing, grabbing, and squeezing her breasts; goans, moans, and incoherent gutteral sounds came from her mouth. Alexis Love was delightfully surprised by what the Sybian did for her; her emotions ranged between shock and pleasure. The Sinnamon Love video was very grainy; it was not good quality at all. It looked more like an amateur video. This was one of the oldest three episodes and, as the webmaster explained, there was an upgrade in camera equipment. Regarding the Sinnamon Love video, it wasn't all Sybian. Ater ten minutes of stripping and masturbating, she finally gets on the Sybian for the last 8 minutes of the video. Her whole body was shaking after a while; she definitely enjoyed the ride, and she really rode it, too! After riding the Sybian, I think most of these women will save up their money to buy one for themselves!

You can zip download the screen shots, which open to 1920x1080 pixels. The quality is pretty good, considering they're screen shots. The photo galleries usually have between 20 to 40 pictures each. The only problem in viewing the pictures is that there's no thumbnail layout like usual. You're asked to zip download which means you have to wait for the entire set to download and there are no thumbnails. To be able to download all images in a zip file is always a good thing - as long as it is a supplement to a thumbnail gallery on the site. They need thumbnails for those who don't want to zip download.


Saddle Gals has a lot of promise, but at this stage, I wouldn't recommend purchasing a membership just yet. It's relatively new, so there aren't many videos. Plus, a good portion (one third) of the videos deal with women masturbating, without a Sybian in sight. Additionally, viewing the photographs is a pain because go through a zip download just to see them.

While the women are clearly enjoying themselves, I've seen the same quality of real orgasms from other Sybian websites, so this site doesn't distinguish itself from them - except that they have very little content. I'd like to see how this site progresses in the next few months. If they keep adding more Sybian videos, it has good potential.

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