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School Girls Fucked Hard review

Summary: School Girls Fucked Hard is a new reality porn site where older men fuck 18-21 year old girls. Action is offered in reasonable quality content as both streaming and downloadable videos. There is however only 4 scenes on the site so far which makes the price seem very high.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Caliente, 2008-11-13

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Intro promises

- Older men fucking young girls
- Watch young schoolgirls getting their pussies fucked hard
- Home of hardcore school fantasies

No description of content other than the aforementioned.

First impression

The intro page looks alright apart from almost no description about the site, but click on a trailer video and it's amateur hour. It's a very simple looking site, the models look OK though, so hopefully it gets better inside.


$29.95 - 30 days (non recurring)
$69.95 - 60 days (non recurring)
$99.95 - 180 days (non recurring)

Our opinion

Watching some of the videos was quite painful. The girls all gave very bland performances and watching some old guy bang a young disinterested chick is not hot. If you do like the older guy/ younger girl thing then School Girls Fucked Hard will appeal BUT you'll probably be disappointed because at the time of this review there were only 4 scenes! Maybe this is a newly constructed site? There were no promises of updates to come. I was confused, thinking maybe I just wasn't seeing the 'next page' button but alas, there was only one page with 4 scenes. Stephanie Cane, London Keys, Brook Bennet and Marie Macray Hank are the only girls on this site.

Each video has an extensive synopsis - maybe if they put the energy used to write this into getting more content they might get somewhere, but it's redundant. I don't need to be told action by action what's going to happen in the scene, I'll watch it for myself! Each vid has one very large picture of the girl (usually mid conversation with the guy - not very enticing), the novel of a blurb below and then the option to view the photos or the movie.

Click through to watch the movie and you're greeted with an embedded player that streams the entire scene. Below that are thumbs of the scene broken into clips of 8. You can't fast forward on the embedded player as it's loading which is quite annoying, but the content is so bad why would you? I can't believe these guys even attempt to act, it's just embarrassing.
All the footage is also available in downloadable WMV format as clips and entire scene. The videos come in 864x480 resolution at 2.16 mbps.

Stephanie Cane's scene was ok in the end, but 1 out 4 is not great, and London Keys gave the most appalling blow job I've ever seen, she looked like she'd never done before. The quality of the videos is OK, the camera work is quite shaky but passable and the sets are boring at best.

Click to view the photos and you're spoilt for choice - there are around 300 pics for you to view. They're big too - 1800x1200px which would be fantastic if they were any good. OK, some of them are fine but there's plenty of shadow, bad lighting, fuzzy focus, camera shake etc. There are almost too many photos, some of them just look the same, so what's the point? At one point I kept being taken back to the intro page when trying to view a photo, it was bizarre. Having said all this, if you do find a picture you like, and it's lucky enough to be in focus then you've got yourself one hell of a big porno picture.

I would review more features on this site but there just aren't any! Kinda bummed that what you see in the intro page is exactly and only what you get inside.


It was just a weird experience, I wouldn't waste your time with School Girls Fucked Hard. It's not adventurous, poor production values and it's just not that sexy. The guys are old and crusty and the girls don't really seem to give a shit so why should you?

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