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Seventeen Video review

Summary: Seventeen Video is a large and long running producer of hardcore, lesbian and solo masturbation 18-23 year old sex DVDs. Here you get access to over 700+ scenes, most of which are offered in high quality Windows Media downloads. A lack of user friendly tools like vid caps, streaming video options and categories cause a bit of a hang up, but in the end the site does offer a pretty solid and varied collection of babes in multiple niche acts. Updates are made weekly.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-02-11

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European girls, petite, small breasts

Intro promises

-High quality WMVs
-All teen porn niches
-Exclusive movies
-Updated frequently

First impression

Seventeen Video's tour is as pink as you'd expect from a teen sex site. Here the name of the site is just a name - - all of the babes are 18+ and they are all very hot. In terms of promises the tour is pretty vague, telling us that they have high quality movies that are exclusive, that they cover all porn niches and that they are updated frequently. Taking a look at some of the trailers and teaser content provided it looks like a lot of their babes are from Eastern Europe, though American, Asian and Latina babes were in the mix as well. I can't say I'm not getting worked up looking at the trailers, it seems these babes really do it all. Let's find out if that is in fact the case.


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Our opinion

The Seventeen Video members area is pink, open and simple. There's a prominent search option at the top of the page, followed by a two-column layout. Movies are listed by series along the left hand side of the page while the latest updates are posted on the right. There are no dates posted on the updates, which makes it next to impossible to tell if their promise of "frequent" updates adds up. Having dug a bit deeper it looks like content changes are made weekly, though. That seems frequent enough to me so I'll give them credit on that point. Other than the search box and the list of DVD series there is no real way to browse the content here. There is no model index, no categories and no tags. That means a lot of looking and sniffing around to find action you're interested in. Adding more advanced browsing tools would go along way to making the site easier to browse and download from.

The promise that whet my appetite the most was the fact that the porn here would cover every niche of teen sex. I looked over the 39 DVD series listed on the left-hand side to see how things looked on that front and was impressed. There are titles as vague as "Amateur Teens" but many point towards the sort of action we can anticipate from them: "Hairy Teens"; "Seventeen's Lesbians"; "Seventeen's House Party"; "Teens from Tokyo", etc. After having wandered around for a while I can tell you that the site does make a pretty good attempt to cover all the niches possible. There are lesbian orgies in the girl's locker room, blowjobs at parties and classrooms, wet and messy hardcore encounters, anal sex, cumshots and facials, threeways and gangbangs and hardcore solo masturbation action. There were a few fetish touches here and there (a series all about tall, vinyl boots for example) but I didn't see much in the BDSM range. They've got just about everything else covered, though.

There are no photographs offered with any of the episodes served inside of SeventeenVideo. That really came as no surprise as all of the videos are scenes from DVDs. You do have 3 quality options to choose from when it comes to downloading the videos: Full, High and Low. The FULL quality was added a while back and offers a 720x540 resolution and a 4.1Mbps bit rate. The image looks great and is very crisp and clear. The HIGH quality option is 320x240 with a 900Kbps bit rate. Most movies will offer the Full setting but you will stumble across older scenes that do not. Since nothing is organized by date you won't know until you choose a DVD to browse. There are no streaming options for any of the movies, which was pretty disappointing. Since there are no pictures or screen captures either, it means you'll have to choose what to download based on a single thumbnail.

I felt like Seventeen Video was pretty honest and open about what they have to offer surfers. In fact, on their tour page you can actually browse through all of the DVDs that are currently available and see the thumbnails for scenes yourself - - you just can't download them until you join. If what you see when you browse around looks good, then the 700+ DVD scenes here should make a good fit.


Seventeen Video has a large and varied collection of 18-23 year old DVD porn scenes to enjoy. At its best, the quality of downloads is high but not as good as it could be. The lack of a streaming option and screenshots means you'll have to download videos to see what they're about - - just one of a few aspects of the site that aren't user friendly. In the end, however, the porn here is good and worthwhile but the very high price tag is hard to swallow.


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