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Solo Interviews review

Summary: Solo Interviews claims to shoot never before seen amateur girls, and while the girls all look cute, not all are newcomers. What is much worse though is that no updates have occured for several months. So the 58 episodes are what you are going to get. The content is not all that bad though and a number of sister sites is included with membership.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-03-27

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Intro promises

- Never before seen amateur models, masturbating on camera for the first time
- Amateurs having "the biggest, earth-shattering orgasms you'll ever see"
- Hi res pictures and videos
- Bonus access to six other sites
- 100% exclusive interviews
- Fast downloads

First impression

Solo Interviews is a site where fresh faced young women reveal their most intimate sexual secrets on camera for the first time. They also masturbate for the first time on camera, and this site captures it all for you to see. While I haven't seen some of these models before, others I seriously doubt are amateurs because I've seen them in other porn sites. So I suppose I shouldn't judge until I get inside and take a closer look.


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$49.87/90 days, recurring

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Our opinion

Navigation is simple, despite the cluttered look. Menu items along the top are Home, View All Girls, Favorite Episodes, Network Updates, Bonus Sites, and Suggestions. I scroll down to see the latest and... Houston, we have a problem! The last update on here is listed as October 26, 2007. Before that, they were pretty good at updating once a week. Plus, a quick perusal of the so-called first timers who will do anything to get interviewed reveals Daisy Dukes, a well known porn star. I also recognize a few other faces, though I admit I haven't seen a lot of these women before. Now while this site claims "where all Porn Stars begin" the Daisy Dukes shown here is not her oldest material, so these clips and photos are not her first foray into the adult business.

There are 58 women who have "interviews" in Solo Interviews. Each of these episodes are around 10 minutes video time, with around 100 pictures in the photo galleries. Many of these photo galleries have significantly more pictures. Below the gallery of all the women contained within this site are your access points to the six bonus sites you receive with your membership, as well as other sites and products the webmasters are trying to sell you on.

Regarding the interviews, you can download the full movie, in three parts, or in one minute clips. Each of the one minute clips has a screen shot so you know basically what will be on the 60 second clip. The formats are hi res WMV or Mpeg. You can stream in hi res and low res WMV (dial up and broadband), and download in Mpeg for the one minute clips. The video quality is actually pretty good, so I don't have any complaints there. The pictures are decent quality - not the hi res that I'm used to - and open to 698x1050 pixels. You can zip download them or watch them in a slide show.

The videos follow the same formula: talking to the women about their sex lives, then having them strip and masturbate. I do like it when porn sites let the porn stars talk a little about themselves. It makes them seem more real, so I enjoyed this little touch of getting to know them better. The premise is that these women are shy; however, I didn't see a shy one in the bunch. They clearly knew what they were doing, how to pose in the best ways to accentuate their assets, and then get into sex positions that you see only porn stars get in to. While it was a nice premise that these women are fresh faced and new to the porn world, their actions clearly indicate they're veterans. Even Veronica Stone, who has only been in the porn world for a couple years, clearly seemed like a veteran. There are a lot of close up shots of these women sticking their fingers in their pussies or rubbing their clits. The sound is a little off on some of the videos, though, which makes it look like one of those poorly dubbed movies. This didn't happen that often, however.


Don't waste your money and time on Solo Interviews if you expect to see regular updates. Firstly the site hasn't been updated in months. Secondly, it seems to be a site to upsell other products and sites. The content isn't all that great; it's merely passable. The women are not "never before seen amateur models," masturbating for the first time on camera. I also didn't see "the biggest, earth-shattering orgasms you'll ever see" here. They were just kinda... snooze worthy. Some of the so called amateurs did look like they had orgasms - though I wouldn't say "earth-shattering" - while others looked like they just got a manicure or pedicure. Yawn. Even the ages stated on the tour are off. In some of the interviews, the women say they're a different age (older) than what is written on the tour.


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