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Susi-Ann review

Summary: Susi-Ann is a German amateur porn starlet. On her site she stars in 100+ photo sets and 60x videos. The action is solo posing, masturbation and toys - especially butt plugs and other anal toys. Her two girl friends also occasionally take part in soft lesbian play. Movies are usually somewhat short and come in average quality while photos look pretty good although their size could be increased and zipped sets would be welcome. Overall a good site though.

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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-03-23

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Intro promises

Fresh galleries and videos from the new German pornstar Susi-Ann, in play with her sister Maya and her girlfriend Anita. All exclusive on her own site. 100% German. 100% Amateur. 100% Dirty.

As Susi-Ann explains in slightly broken English: "I work as model for bad horny amateur photographers. For this guys I posing for hot photos and do it myself (you know) some times in the front of the camera. That turns on the photographers and they get directly a stiffy. That makes more than horny. Since my sister became 18, she takes a part in my sessions from time to time. We stand together before the camera. Wicked! We kiss ourselves and lick us everywhere? hmmm? tasty! I become already damp."

First impression

Guest splash page looks tremendous. I can't imagine how much work was put into it. The screen is filled with images of this sexy German and you can't help think how great this site is going to be. User is able to choose German or English versions of the site.


Our opinion

The first page you see in the member area looks phenomenal. There are eight beautiful images that all look like DVD covers, all with titles, and telling you if the content is video or photo. If it's photos, it shows you on the "box" how many pics are in the set.

Susi-Ann is a cute young long-haired blonde, usually in pigtails or a pony tail. She is thin and has small and perky breasts. Maya is a playful blonde (sometimes with orange highlights) with beautiful medium sized breasts, and has a curvier and more tan figure than Susi-Ann. Anita Stein has the smallest breasts of the trio, but she is just as hot. She is also the skinniest, and the only one with brown hair.

Site looks great. Navigation is easy. Download speeds are blazing - see below for the reason.

There are 60 videos available as of this review and it is updated every eight days. The earlier videos were updated every one to three days. Videos can be streamed or downloaded. Streamed videos are via Flash and are of good quality, even in fullscreen mode. I am unsure of the size of the streaming content as Flash does not provide that information.

Downloadable videos are available are flv format only. Windows Media Player doesn't work well with this file type so you will have to download VLC video player, which is free. In any case, it's not that much of a nuisance if you know how to use a computer although a bit more work that usually. Flv files are are sized 640x480 and also look fine in fullscreen mode.

Dialogue in the videos is in German. This could be a turn-on to some, a turn-off to others and there are probably those who are indifferent. I like to hear what is being said, but ultimately, capturing the essence of a great sex scene is more important than language. But, this is not the case on this site because the videos are very short and the action is unimaginative and boring. Some videos are merely photo shoots on film that aren't very erotic.

The videos range in length from three to six minutes. Most would agree not only that the models can't do much in that time, but they cannot get very worked up either. While it is possible to queue up videos in the player, each one starts anew, so any momentum you may have built up will be brought to a screeching halt. Right when the girl or girls are hitting their stride, the video ends. How is it possible to get turned on by watching a girl put a buttplug into another girl for three minutes, basically just leaving it in the whole time. Nothing else happens in the video, and it's pretty much over before it gets a chance to begin.

Photos on this site definitely take precedence over videos. Over 100 photo sets are available for viewing, with an average of around 90 per set. Sets are updated every three to six days. Thumbnails are 110x164 and photos are 753x504 (scaled from 1120x750, which is the size when they are saved). Users can neither download the complete set nor watch them in slideshow format. There is, however, an arrow to click to go from one photo to the next. If this doesn't sound good to you, the site makes up for their option shortages. Nothing about them seems amateur. They reek of professionalism. It's as if the site has separate wardrobe, makeup, hair and set departments, with more than one person working in each. Each photo looks meticulously planned out to the last detail, and I'm sure the ones that were not perfect were not used. This is aside from a few shoots that are actually of the girls getting ready for a shoot. There's not really much going on there, but it's the exception, not the norm.

If you like to see girls dressed up in outfits before they take it off, you will absolutely love the photos on this site. There are schoolgirls, fishnets, hotpants, teddys, see through, high-heels, bikinis and more. Of course, toys are used and you'll see some lovely lesbian activity. And while I did say that photo sets cannot be downloaded, individual pictures can, so you can make your own customized slideshow.


The three girls on the site named after one of them - Susi-Ann - are beautiful beyond the shadow of a doubt. The photo sets capture this beauty, and their sexuality and wild sides as well. There are around 1,000 photos to peruse on the site. The videos are okay, but are definitely too short. It's definitely hard to get really turned on and/or try to climax, if that's your goal. You can't really get a feel for the action, it just ends so abruptly. If you just like to watch, then this will not be a problem for you.


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