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Sybian 1 review

Summary: Sybian 1 is a machine-focused sex site that exploits the bodies of gorgeous 18-23 year old women that want to experience the type of pleasure that a man could never bring them. Watch as these girls explore the power of electricity in their sex lives in hot 720p videos! Although the site has a few faults and inaccessible areas, the nature of this niche and its very few alternatives make Sybian 1 a top contender in its fetish.

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Arnox, 2013-04-24

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Intro promises

ďAmateurs ride the Sybian to OrgasmĒ

- Weekly updates
- HD formats
- No download limits

First impression

Launched back in October of 2009, Sybian 1 is a pretty low-key site that I havenít come across before. Hopefully, its recent introduction to the adult entertainment market will bring something fresh and original to the table. For those who arenít familiar with what a Sybian is; basically, in the 1980s some clever guy had the idea of making a a giant vibrator in the form of a saddle seat with a dildo attached to it which women sit on and have the most intense orgasms of their lives.

The tour for Sybian is basic but definitely gives you a good look at the type of women they get to enjoy their toy. I wonít try to describe whatís going on as Iíll be covering that later, but the tour showcases the latest scenes and has preview videos that will give you an idea of the type of models to expect and the action youíll see. For a professional, honest look at what Sybian 1 offers members, continue reading for a comprehensive review of the websiteís memberís area.


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Our opinion

Logging in requires a simple username and password combination and once inside, youíre presented with the homepage of the memberís area. All of the scenes are shown from the get go and present themselves in chronological order. The design inside doesnít differ from the outside which is always a good thing, although truth be told itís a little behind the times in wow factor and crispness.

Still, what does a design matter for a porn site if it doesnít have the right kind of smut? We will start where we always do: by taking a look at the adult entertainment Sybian 1 has to offer.

Erotic, sensual and seriously sexy

The girls on Sybian 1 are a cut above the rest Ė generally skinny, shaven and peaking in their development, this site attracts some pretty faces that all appear to be around 18-23 years of age. Thereís a great mix of blondes, brunettes and all shades in between as well as some pale and dark skinned girls that also have their tone variety extending from one limit to the other. A good number of scenes are just solo action, but from time to time, Sybian 1 releases a girl-girl scene for the fans of lesbian interaction.

The scenes on Sybian 1 all have an interesting introduction that preambles the action. In one scene, you see a pretty blonde working out in an upstairs gym before she jumps on and has a go, in another, a raunchy ebony gives a short dance before hopping on. While most of the scenes involve fully-naked babes, the last one I mentioned had the sexual piece of chocolate sporting a pair of leggings that she kept on throughout the entirety of the scene.

The machine 'Sybian 1' makes a lot of noise depending on the setting and you can definitely tell from the reactions these girls give when they crank it up a gear that they enjoy every minute of being in front of the camera. Part of the appeal I get from Sybian 1 is that you get to actually see women being fully pleasured Ė itís a sad reality of the porn industry that women seldom get to experience intense, whole body orgasms. Rest assured that the action on Sybian 1 is built around the concept of seeing girls being taken to the peaks of ecstasy, so if thatís your cup of tea, these guys have the adult entertainment for you.

High production value, good download quality

While a lot of sites push themselves as being providers of high definition content, I think a few of them are using sub-par cameras and studio settings to record their action in. While it may fit the objective standard for HD, the subjective standard is left unaccounted for. Sybian 1 is good with respect to this: the camera work is solid and the scenes are well lit and post-processed. Subjectively, the quality here is a lot better than what Iím used to seeing.

This is not to downplay the importance of download qualities Ė something that Sybian 1 does equally as well at. There are 5 different download options available with the highest coming in at 1280x720 pixels 720p HD while offering a bitrate of 3 Mb/s. The site has no original photography, but does upload screencaps which can be viewed just below each scene page or downloaded in a ZIP file.

Solid archive size with reasonable update schedule

Sybian 1 has 147 videos and an equal number of accompanying screencap sets but as mentioned just before, no separate camera images to speak of. Updates have always and still continue to come every week Ė a schedule I donít expect to change any time soon either. While itís not up there with sites releasing scenes every day, Sybian 1 is a unique niche and I canít think of too many others that delve into this type of exclusive adult entertainment.

Other odds and ends

Sybian 1 is supposed to have a forum that is linked to at the bottom of the website but I got error messages every time I tried to navigate to it. Support is done via an FAQ section or alternatively contacting an email address for the website. The Ď24/7í support claim is only with regard to the billing companies who wonít be able to help you with site problems.

No bonuses to speak of

What you see is what you get Ė Sybian 1 has no bonuses or discount offers. On the plus side of this, youíre not going to have any adverts inside the memberís area.


Sybian 1 has a few faults that I would come to expect of a site that doesnít have a huge niche following. Itís a shame that certain areas of the site donít work and 1080p hasnít been introduced yet, but when push comes to shove, if Sybian porn is what you want, there are very few places to get it. The porn quality is solid and does what it says on the tin Ė if you donít mind doing without the bells and whistles other sites offer, Sybian 1 is a solid option for adult entertainment that gets the job done.


Fucking Machines instantly came to mind with respect to competition. Produced by Kink, this site is a lot more focused on the concept of punishment and bondage than it is on sensual solo masturbation.

Saddle Gals is a lot tamer than fucking machines and definitely similar in style to Sybian 1. If you want much of the same but with a little lower quality, consider this site as a possible contender.

For more girls getting real orgasms, take a look at the sites here.


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