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Teens Like it Big review

Summary: Teens Like It Big is a reality site based on teens sucking on and getting rammed by seriously large cocks. Video quality is good, and all the girls are hot. Not a lot of episodes yet (15) but it is part of the Brazzers Network with close to 20 other reality sites.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-03-11

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Intro promises

- Fast downloads & streaming guaranteed
- One password / 19 Brazzers sites
- Over 1500 Exclusive Videos
- No Hidden Limits
- No Hidden Charges
- Over 5000 DVDs
- Over 3 Plus Update Per Day
- No Popups nor Spam
- 24/7 Customer Service

First impression

Recent studies have shown that girls reach sexual maturity at a much younger age than boys. With that in mind, it's only natural where their new found desires will lead them: a search for the biggest cocks they can find!

Teens Like It Big knows this as too well. They take barely-legal babes and lets them loose on mammoth johnsons. From what I've seen on the tour, they weren't joshing about the 'big' part of their moniker. Even by porn standards, these are some monster cocks!

The girls are wearing quite a bit of makeup, and have that porn-star look. So, if you're not into that, you probably won't be into this. Anyway, I'm off to the member's area.


Two day trial $2.95, rebills at $29.95 per month
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Our opinion

Teens Like It Big is a part of the massive, Brazzers Network. This will become immediately clear once you've logged in the member's area. Topping the page, you'll find a 'Brazzers' banner.

Directly below a blue, horizontal menu which is mostly for browsing Teens Like It Big's content. Further down the page, and on the left-hand side, you'll find a series of vertical menus. These are more related to Brazzers' material in general.

There's various options for finding scenes, account settings, and even a php-based forum which is actually fairly active. All in all, the members area is well designed, and organized in a manner that assures no confusion should arise when trying to differentiate from bonus content and Teens Like It Big's content.

Videos can be streamed or downloaded in either a series of clips or their entirety; in addition, there's wide array of formats for you to choose from: WMV, MPG4, MPG1, and Ipod/psp. All in all, I was impressed with the video quality of all the formats I tried. Though I can't vouch for the Ipod/PSP formats, if they're anything near the quality of the MPG's and WMV's, they're probably excellent, too.

The streaming videos were also excellent with fast buffer-rates, and a large resolution. Just make sure you have the latest Flash plugin installed in your browser. Also, you don't have to worry about waiting ages to download, either. Not with speeds approaching a rate of 1 meg per second. Very nice!

The content itself is pretty good; albeit, pretty standard hardcore fare. They setup basic scenarios where the pornstars, playing teenage girls, are to receive a deep dicking from some dude(s) with a massive shlong. The acting is, admittedly a bit laughable. However, the girls are young looking and usually very hot. I'll take that over an old, used-up porn star with the acting chops on par with Meryl Streep.

One episode, in particular, stands out in my mind. It featured a gorgeous brunette named Nika. She was young and attractive, quite petite and in excellent shape, looking fresh and altogether sexy in her daisy dukes and pink tube-top, a combination that helped show off her athletic body and lovely tan.

As the episode begins, she lays on the bed, chatting with a girlfriend on the phone. She admits that she has never given her boyfriend, who she has been with for several months, so much as a hand-job. When questioned why, she says that she heard rumors he possessed a massive cock, and feared her might hurt her; however, she brags to her friend, on the phone, how she's going to sneak him in tonight and let him loose on her pussy. "Tonight is the night," she said.

Shortly after the phone call her boyfriend enters the window doing his best not to wake her father. After risking life and limb, and delivering promises of not cumming inside of her... she still isn't quite ready enough to deliver the goods!

However, after a little reassurance from him, it doesn't take long for these two to get fully undressed. And I probably don't have to tell you what happens next. Worth a watch for the reverse-cow-girl action alone.

The only downside is, there isn't that much content on this particular site yet. There's currently only 15 episodes at Teens Like It Big. Fortunately, they seem to update damn-near weekly. Couple that with the bonus sites you get from the Brazzers network though and I think you'll be more than busy enough between updates.

If you're into pics, you'll be happy to hear they have a hefty selection here. You have a choice between screen caps and regular photos. These screen caps are 'ok' as far as screen caps go and, for the most part, probably aren't worth your time.

The high quality pics, on the other hand, clock in at 100kb and have a resolution of 900x600 pixels. These are crisp, clear, professionally shot photographs. In addition to the quality, you get to see lots of hot, behind the scenes action that you won't find in the screen caps. I was quite pleased to find some exquisite sole shots in many of the sets. An added bonus for those with a foot fetish. Believe it or not, it gets better: On average, galleries contain upwards of a thousand images. They can also be downloaded, in full, compressed in a ZIP file.

Let me tell you - the bonus content here is plentiful. It seems like they were going for a record number of niches at Brazzers. The current count is a whopping one-hundred-and-thirty-two, all listed in alphabetical order, for your browsing pleasure.

Also, kudos to them for caring about their members. You'll find various sources for providing feedback, as well as polls for voting on content. I was also surprised to find the forum very active. It looks like theres a nice little tight-knit community here.


While the content on Teens Like It Big may be a bit run of the mill, the model quality is stellar. In addition, the download speeds are top-notch, they have a variety of video formats to choose from, and a user-friendly interface. Did I mention the bonus content? Hell, the access you get to the Brazzers Network alone warrants the price of admission.


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