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Teens R Us review

Summary: Teens R Us is a new site setting out to provide beautiful pictures and videos with teens (18+) from all over the world as they look in real life. In reality though, there is not much special about the content on the site. Picture quality is okay, but the settings and models lack passion and don't seem to be original for this site. Overall there are better sites in this genre out there for now.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-03-18

18-23, Amateur, Videos, Movies

18-21 year olds, solo posing

Intro promises

- Daily updates to please every memberís taste
- More than 4.000 photos featuring over 80 beautiful teen models
- More than 6hrs. of videos available

"Our site was launched on the 1st of February of 2009 and it has been updated every single day. When joining our site you will be able to enjoy: daily updates, more than 4.000 photos featuring over 80 beautiful models and more than 6 hours of videos. This is a website trying to show the models but how they look in real.. without makeup and photoshop! This is a simple and easy surfing website. It is brand new and we are doing our best to update all the content we have very soon."

"We are also working in new content. That's why this website has an amateur layout and content. We will add soon some live shows that we recorded in the erotic festivals that we are taking part and we are going to organize some photo-workshops with our models exclusive for you!"

First impression

They aren't kidding about amateur layout. This is the most basic adult site I've ever seen. There are three tabs at the top of the page: home, videos and photos. There's even an error in the link to the video section from the photos section in the members area. So you need to go to the home members screen to get to videos.


$19.95 for one month, recurring
$39.95 for six months, non-recurring

Payment by credit card and online check through CCBill.

Our opinion

Models on the site hail from every part of Europe and beyond and have as many different looks as there are countries represented. There are Russians, Germans, Polish, Czechs, British, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and more. While their nationalities differ, they have one thing in common - they are all somewhere between 18 and 21 and they are all fairly decent looking, both face and body. Of course, there are some below average looking models, but some standouts as well.

This new site features so far 18 videos available to stream and/or download in WMV format. Videos average twenty minutes in length and are sized 720x480 with a bitrate of 1.63 Mbps. Video quality is adequate - nothing to complain about. Watching videos in fullscreen is bearable to watch. A couple of the videos have that distorted look to them.

Most videos are of models masturbating, some with dildos and other toys. In these videos, some vibrators are so loud that they distract from the content of the video. A few of the videos feature girls who don't really pleasure themselves at all and aren't really into it. One video is of a girl stripping at a club and the other is of a girl who is simply naked in front of the camera with no kind of sexual action whatsoever. Two videos are of lesbians using toys and fisting each other. One of the solo videos also involves fisting, and two of them involve girls urinating after masturbating.

Some of the better videos start off really slow, with a slow striptease. Some have a model wearing a sexy outfit and showing some skin before she takes it off. There are also videos with girls sucking slowly on dildos, and using them and their fingers alternately. Variety is also a hallmark of the better videos on this site. Models move from one position to the other, and grab a different toy in the middle of the action. Most of all, seeing the girls let loose and forget that the camera is there is super hot. You know they are not taking direction, and if they made a home movie, it would feature the same moans of pleasure.

The site has over 100 photo sets with over 100 photos in each set. All thumbnails which each lead to the complete series are on one page and are 237x356 in size. Thumbnails are 130x200 and all are displayed on one page. When clicked on, full sized photos are 1040x1600. Sets cannot be downloaded in zips, only individual photos. Additionally, you cannot even watch a slideshow of the photos.

Photo quality can be described as mid-level. I've seen better and I've seen worse. Models' clothing is nothing special, the scenery is unimaginative and the poses are not as sexy as they could be, given the good looks of the models. The camerawork could be better, and there is some bad editing, which takes the viewer out of the moment.

I'd like to see the better models in more videos, and it would be great to see more lesbians, and some straight sex.


Teens R Us is still so new that it is hard to judge the site on what is there. The content on the site is nothing really special though - I doubt it is produced by the site itself to be honest. In time it might turn out to be a decent collection of amateur teen content, for now however there's way better sites out there.

I would say that 12 of the 18 videos were believable and or hot/adequate enough to get off on. 2/3 is a decent amount when it comes to adult sites.

The six month price is a deal as long as this site will deliver what they promise. At this point, the one month membership is not even all that cheap compared to other sites.

Even though they have a decent number of sets for being so new, they will need to get a more professional website and navigational system to continue to be easily browsed. We'll just have to see where it goes from here.

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