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Teens Take It Big review

Summary: Teens Take It Big is part of All Network Pass. It features five silly movies of men with 16 inch rubber cocks fucking teen girls (18+). Although there is hardly enough content to warrant membership, you might find something of interest in the network.

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Craig, 2007-09-28

18-23, Hardcore, Reality, Mega-Sites, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- 18 & 19 year olds fucked by 16+ inch black cocks
- Full access to over 50 other adult sites
- All exclusive content
- No DRM
- Hi res video

First impression

Teens Take It Big specializes in one thing: unbelievably large black cocks fucking young girls two at a time. Two cocks and one girl, that is. And seriously, I'm not sure I believe it. Those things look kinda fake, but I guess you never know. Sixteen inches?? Geez...


$2.97 - two days
$29.97 - 30 days
$59.97 - 90 days

join by check or credit card

Our opinion

Ah HA! I thought something looked familiar...

Teens Take It Big is actually part of the All Network Pass adult network. Logging in takes you directly to the main page for this network where you can choose from any of their 50 exclusive sites, as well as streaming feeds of over 4000 DVDs.

Each exclusive site is built into the All Network Pass framework, so no matter which site you visit you can always easily jump to any other site you want. Very simple and streamlined navigation. The exclusive sites basically act as niche categories within the All Network Pass site, and don't really have their own separate identity.

Teens Take It Big features only five episodes. Disappointing, but given the amount of other stuff on All Network Pass, I guess it's not a big deal.

This is some of the most ridiculous porn I've seen. These cocks are definitely of the strap-on variety, although the one that I saw in its full glory is quite convincing. In the first couple clips I downloaded, the underwear stayed on throughout the whole thing. It has to, because these are not real cocks. But then, the draws came off! Very clever prosthetic - it's a huge rubber cock that you stuff your own much smaller cock into. Looks pretty good, but the difference in skin tone and the fact that they had to hold the damn thing on was a bit of a tip-off. I was impressed that these things have a cum reservoir and can actually be made to ejaculate large amounts of fake semen all over the place. This is some silly porn, complete with bad Jamaican accents and lots of funny banter. I can just picture these dudes rushing into the bathroom to jerk off after filming because they've been plugging a chick with an enormous dildo for the past forty minutes. Or maybe they get the models to take pity on their situation and do it again, off camera, with the regular-sized cocks. How anti-climactic.


You can download smaller clips from each episode, or grab the whole thing in one shot. There are two formats to choose from; either MPG at 2095 kbps/720x480, or WMV 1125 kbps/845x480

The MPG clips come in around 100MB, while the full MPG movies are around 450MB. The WMV versions are about half that size.


Teens Take It Big is just silly. If you're into "funny porn" then you may get a kick out of this, but I sure as hell would never want to have an orgasm while watching this shit. It's a damn good thing you get access to a bunch of other stuff, or I'd be sorely disappointed.

The other content on the All Network Pass is pretty varied, but sticks more to the hardcore side of things with a fair bit of hentai thrown in for good measure. If you're into the natural girl next door type, All Network Pass is probably not for you. If you like it a little dirty, then you'll probably find something of interest.

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