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Urban Teen Models review

Summary: Urban Teen Models features so far 16 video and picture episodes of European teen models getting properly fucked. The sex is straight on hardcore with plenty of anal action. The movie quality and consistency disappoints greatly though. It seems the format for this site network hasn't yet been decided and is still at an experimental stage. Wait for the network to get established.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-02-09

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Intro promises

"The hottest girls in the neighborhood do a hardcore shoot for a quick buck and regret it all their lives. Regular girls that you would find on the street or in clubs. Not professionals pretending to be amateurs. Modern girls living a new sexual culture."

"Sometimes models come from the country, other times they come from the city. Wherever it is that they started out from, you can be sure that, for the most part, they'll end up in urban environments where they can have more access to cocks to fuck and professionals to film them. Such is the case at Urban Teen Models."

First impression

The site looks very clean and there are many beautiful models and what looks to be a lot of content. Upon further inspection, this site is a small part of a larger network of seven sites. They are all included with membership. There isn't a heck of a lot on Urban Teen Models by itself, but added to the other sites in the network, there is a good amount of content.


30 days for $29.95.
90 days for $59.95.

Payment via credit card.

Our opinion

Urban Teen Models, as of this review, offers 16 movies and approximately 2,500 photos. The photos are from what takes place in the movie shoot, so some aren't really framed well and some don't look perfect. Photos are 1024x576 pixels in resolution and can be watched in slideshow format, or downloaded in a zip file.

Movie formats on the site are somewhat inconsistent - with some available for downloaded in both low and high bandwidth WMV files. Some movies have both low and high bandwidth MPG files and some only have low bandwidth versions. All are available as streaming videos using Flash though. And all movies offer mp4 sized downloads for your iPod. Conveniently, the length of each movie is shown alongside with descriptions and photo samples of the movie. Still it's disappointing to see that no uniform video size and quality is present.

Low bandwidth WMV and MPG files are 320x240 pixels. High bandwidth WMV and MPG files are 640x480 pixels.

All but one video on Urban Teen Models features one-on-one straight sex (one was 2-on-1). All the models are all beautiful Caucasian teens with magnificent bodies. The sex hot although not very passionate - there is not much interaction between the boy and girl and lots of rough sex with anal tossed in. The camerawork is alright, but it moves around a lot. The models seem willing to please and to be pleased. There were no awkward moments, like looking away from the camera for direction, or anything amateur for that matter. In the only 16 movies, there was pretty much anything and everything you can think of when it comes to sex. There's nothing vanilla about this site. The variety is great, not only from movie to movie, but within the movies themselves. These models go all the way, without holding anything back. This fact makes it an even bigger shame that the action isn't presented better.

Here are the other sites on the network (with description when needed) and how many movies each has to offer:

Fuck My Jeans (Sex starts with the model's jeans half off): 75 movies
I Love Miniskirts: 36 movies
Lusty Office: 16 movies
The Pussy Licker: 13 movies
Rip Her Up (Guys tear into the models' clothing before sex): 17 movies
Babydolls on Fire (Models start off wearing nightgowns): 13 movies
Pornstar at Work (Famous and semi-famous models): 17 movies

As you can see, with over 200 movies available, this network as a whole is of a decent size. Each site, just like Urban Teen Models features European beautiful talent, same mediocre quality videos, and occasionally hot action.


With limited amount of content, Urban Teen Models isn't worth the price on its own. Add the other sites on the network, and there is a good amount of content though for those into straight hardcore sex featuring hot Euro models. It is very disappointing though that video quality is very inconsistent with many videos only available in low bandwidth options.

The site network is apparently not yet at a point where it makes sense for porn fans to join.

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