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A Measure of Curiosity review

Summary: Natural women simply being nude seems to be a rare sight in porn, but A Measure of Curiosity brings that type of adult entertainment to the fore. Because this site offers regular updates of excellent quality photos of natural girls getting naked, either on their own or in front of another girl. Here it is more about how the girls get naked than what they do when they are naked.

Score 75.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2011-03-07

Amateur, 18-23, Photography / studio, Softcore, Boobs

girl next door, solo posing, stripping

Intro promises

- 10 updates a month
- 1 hour of video
- 2800+ photos in 2048 pixel size

"AMOC (A Measure of Curiosity) is dedicated attractive women taking off their clothes in a variety of situations. AMOC now features solo strips (where an attractive girl undresses alone), auditions (where girls are stripped by other girls), audience strips (one girl strips whilst others watch) and stories (illustrated either by photos or video). Updates are added at the rate of 2-3 per week (10 or more per month) and although the majority of content is photos over time video will become more prevalent."

First impression

A Measure of Curiosity may seem like a curious members area at first in that it doesn't offer anything hardcore. Instead, you'll see attractive, yet very real looking, girls taking their clothes off in a variety of vignettes. You'll see these sexy women stripping alone or with other women. The bulk of the content centers around photo galleries, but more videos will be added in the future.


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Our opinion

As soon as you enter A Measure of Curiosity, you'll initially think their navigation is relatively straightforward. You're presented with choices of Solo Strips - where girls undress by themselves; Audition Strips - where the women are undressed by others; Audience Strips - where women are undressed in front of others; Stories - which are basically photo stories (no words) of women stripping and eventually getting naked; and With and Without - where you see pictures of women clothed and then naked in the same poses - unfortunately there is only 4 pictures in that section. There are three thumbnails to the latest updates along the side.

I do wish the site would add another category featuring just videos, since the videos and photo sets are combined in the above mentioned categories. Plus, since the bulk of this site is photos, it's hard to find the videos. (From what I could see, there's less than 20, though the site is aiming to add many more videos in the future).

Another problem I have with the navigation is that the updates aren't in chronological order. At first I thought that the most recent updates were put last, which is opposite of all the members areas I've seen (where the most recent update is listed first). But upon closer examination, that theory doesn't hold either. For example, in Audience Strips, the first gallery is dated Feb. 5, 2011, the next one Jan. 19, 2011. Then there are several dates in 2010, but the last one listed (on the second page) is from Jan. 15, 2011. I also see from this that the updating is every three to four days - at least for the past couple months previous to the time of this review.

As to the videos themselves, you can stream or download them in low or high quality in mp4 format. Both open to a 720x576 (94.91 or 177.92 Kbps, depending on quality). Both the visual and the audio quality is pretty good and show a sexy little vignette revolving around the above mentioned categories. Since the videos are short - only lasting only around 2 minutes in length - you'll see them getting naked pretty quickly.

Solo Strips contains 15 photo galleries and one video; Audition Strips contains 15 photo galleries and around 10 videos; Audience Strips has over 15 photo galleries; and Stories contains around 15 photo galleries. There are some videos in this section, though many, if not most of them, are crossovers from the other sections. With and Without contains a few photos.

The excellent quality photos open to 640x425, but enlarge to 2048x1360 pixels. The With and Without pictures open to 2048x1542 pixels, so as to let you see side by side comparisons. The Stories section generally contains galleries that have between 50 to 100 photos, while the other sections have galleries that usually contain around 30 to 40 pictures. The photo galleries are zip downloadable which, due to the high quality photos, I'm sure you'll use.

One thing handy about navigation is that if there's a particular model you like, you'll be able to easily find her through the keywords that are tagged at the end of every update. Just click on her name, and you'll see all her content within the site.

Even though the site needs some tweaking on navigation as I mentioned above, I think it has some merit to those who want to see real looking amateur girls getting naked. There's nothing hardcore about this site - it's all about looking at sexy women posing nude. There's no masturbation or sex; instead, it's about appreciating the beauty of the naked feminine form. It's not a teasing site in that you will also see full frontal nudity, but no gyno shots. I also like that the women here don't have boob jobs, and they also represent a wide range of looks - from athletic and tall to short and very curvy. This kind of adult entertainment is a rare breed, and for those who can appreciate this type of naturalness, this is the site for them.


A Measure of Curiosity is definitely not for the average porn fan, but it would definitely appeal to those who are seeking pictures of nude women being... just nude. They don't masturbate or do anything hardcore in front of the camera. There are several videos, and the site promises to add more in the future. As it stands now, the bulk of this site offers photos and oh my, these photos are very high quality indeed! If looking at all natural women (aged 18-25) posing nude and not doing anything hardcore is your thing, then you'll definitely appreciate this site.


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