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All Redheads review

Summary: All Redheads celebrates the carrottops. The site has been collecting material since 1999, but the content amount doesn't impress when you consider that. The picture quality varies quite a bit, but it is probably one of the few sites with only redheads.

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Melissa, 2007-03-09

Amateur, Fetish, Movies, Softcore, Videos


Intro promises

Thereís just something so wild about a redhead, maybe a few freckles across her nose will give a look of innocence to her, but itís the fire in her eyes that will tell you itís going to be an untamed ride ahead of you. A really nice looking tour page to All Redheads lets you know they were the first adult site launched just for searchers of natural babes with this hot hair color, since 1999 they say theyíve claimed the field. With a promised number of over 15,000 photos, in the realm of teens, models, amateurs, lesbians and more they also hold hours of reds on video, most of which is exclusive material. They also claim to have live chat shows and more for their members.

First impression

Iíve always been a blonde, so I donít know what itís like to be a redhead, I just know Iím easier to find in the dark! *wink* I must admit though, you donít see many natural any more, at least not in my area of doing reviews on sites, very seldom have I come across a flaming red bush, so this is going to be a lot of fun to check out. I like the way theyíve put the tour together, so I have high hopes for the membership area.


Our opinion

So far, Iím not really appreciating the navigational issues to this site. There are links across the top, but none that will breakdown just pictures or just videos, itís more for the featured redheads and top redheads and then the bonus material thatís offered. Throughout the page itself they have pictured links that take you to an area where you can post hot pictures of your naturally redheaded girlfriend and also the ďwhatís newĒ area, maybe that will lead us somewhere, but so far, Iím a bit disappointed in finding the areas to gather information from.

Iím taking a stab here and assuming the main page link into the archived updates is going to bring all of the material at hand to the front. Unfortunately, you still donít find anything broken down, so youíll be scurrying through the long list of 50 installments to find images that are mixed in with videos. Not a good way to do things in my opinion, I mean, this is a great concept for a site, theyíve been around since 1999, thatís plenty long enough to know that ease to please is a main demand of members... and reviewers.

In opening up an area of images, I will agree that they present them nicely, you have a slide show effect available and your thumbs are laid out nicely in a negative sheet type of look to the right, and then an enlargement more center stage will show you there is high quality involved with the way these pictures were shot. The normal route of clicking the pic to blow it up doesnít work here, instead, above the focused thumb is an ďenlargeĒ link, which will open up another page and bring the pixel size to a very nice 763x1150. The quality is magnificent, the colors are bold, rich and just jump right off of the screen at you. The approximate amount to the folders comes in around 36+ pictures each gallery. Small amounts of muff hair are present to prove the color coding they go by here, which makes sense, what would be to substantiate a natural redhead if the beaver is bare!

One of the things that have always intrigued me about redheads is their skin tone, so milky white, so ivory like, itís just got a hue all of its own and itís sexy as hell. Ok, Iím going to make a confession, when there are descriptions next to folder contents, I donít always read those first, I do read them, but I like to just draw in whatís going to be playing on the video with out any preamble to it. This time it really paid off! I was shocked to find this video to be one of bondage, ass strapping and ball-gagging. This pretty little red head is being shown who is boss, which will make the temper red-heads are known for to hit an all time high Iím sure.

The videos, WMV formats, are offered in high and low choices, which, as silly as it sounds, the quality was much better for viewing in the low. Yes, the screen was smaller, but the clarity was wonderful, whereas the larger choice seemed to have too much graininess to it. I know youíll be interested in the technical numbers, so here you go, for the smaller choice you have a 512Kbps and a video size of 320x240, and for the higher, it held a 1500Kbps and a video size of 640x480. I know normally the smaller video size isnít appreciated much anymore, but it sure did play better. Your play times differ, some are a bit over 4 minutes while others are nearly 10 minutes. Some of the folders contain more than one photo gallery and also different parts to movies, so you are getting clips and episodes through this site.

As for the bonus material to this website, the live webcam action that was mentioned in tour is actually a third party feed where you can party with international girls. As usual, you have your free chat areas but if you want to go private there is an additional fee involved. The promised bonus reality sites are; Amateur Hour, Homegrown TV, and, Homegrown Video.


Do you crave the hot nature of a natural born redhead? Then youíll enjoy all of the loveliness they bring to you at All Redheads. Thereís not an abundant amount of content in my opinion, but with my issues on navigation, I had trouble getting a solid count on things. The pictures are beautiful and the videos vary in quality, but they do offer different choices for viewing, as in high and low. Itís all about whether this fetish fans the flames for you and if you can overlook the round about way of finding what youíre looking for here.


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