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Almost Evil Girls review

Summary: Almost Evil Girls is home of so far 19 femme fatales that all have something goth or evil about them - in most cases one or more tattoos. They are all featured in one or more photo sets in good quality, but low resolution pictures. An average amateur site with a twist.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Joseph, 2008-07-02

Amateur, Fetish, Foot-fetish, Softcore, Babes, Photography / studio


Intro promises

"These Good Girls Gone Goth Are So Bad They're Almost Evil. Nothing Wrong With Being Almost Evil As Long As It Involves Fulfilling All Your Naughty Dark Desires."

First impression

What happens when good girls go goth? Almost Evil Girls! As the name of the site would imply, the tattooed nude girls of Almost Evil Girls are almost evil, meaning they’ll probably break your heart in two, but they’ll feel kinda bad about it afterwards. They’re not entirely evil, you know! I bet if you were to shave the head of one of these witchy cuties, you’d find a birthmark in the shape of 667 underneath all that hair… cos they’re almost evil. Am I being too subtle here?! Let me be blunt: Almost Evil Girls is a softcore website filled with “the hottest girls in fetish fun and dark desires” getting naked in an almost evil manner.


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Our opinion

Not sure how long Almost Evil Girls has been online (updates go back to January of this year), but there isn’t much on it yet to talk about, meaning this review will probably break down into a rant about teenagers sooner or later (I apologize in advance for the tediousness to come). At the moment, there are only photo galleries on this site, though the webmasters do promise to add live webcam chats and “vibrant” videos to the site in the future. Presently, Almost Evil Girls boasts nineteen models in around hundred exclusive galleries.

The galleries contain anywhere from fifty to two hundred average-resolution images. The pictures are pretty large and look quite good to boot. Images can only be downloaded one at a time — sorry, no zipped files or slideshow feature here, kids. Solo posing makes up the content of all but one photo gallery on Almost Evil Girls (the lone gallery to feature a duo is also just posing). There is no hardcore content here, just some rather tame toying and stripping; hell, some of the galleries don’t even contain any nudity! That is fucking evil, my friends! Pure fucking evil! Fun fact: Almost Evil Girls also specializes in foot fetishism.

Each model has a little bio that tells members a little something about her. For example, my favorite model, Breckin Rebelle, is “ready to play!” Fuckin’ a. Sadie Lynch (ought to be Sadie Lunch, har har) “grew up in a small northern California town where she’s currently a college student studying to be a doctor.” Isn’t that something!

Though all the models employed by Almost Evil Girls could best be described as gothic or alternative, there is a great deal of variety to be found on this site. All body types are represented, from rail thin nubile babes with perky tits to voluptuous (re: somewhat overweight) gals with gigantic cans. Some of these fine specimens of the female form look like they could easily change clothes and get themselves nice office jobs, but most of the models look like they probably work at Hot Topic when they aren’t posing for Almost Evil Girls. You know who usually shops at Hot Topic? Teenagers. Fuckin’ teenagers. Go get that hair cut, you dopey little fucks!


Navigation for Almost Evil Girls is a little rough (you will be hitting “back” on your browser a lot as you try to make your way around this site — why not give us a convenient menu bar at the top or bottom of each page, guys?), but it’s not unbearably unruly.

My main beef with Almost Evil Girls is that there isn’t nearly enough content here yet — I do like the content that’s here, mind you, I just wish there were more of it. Obviously, the addition of live cams and videos will do wonders for this site — it might be a good idea to wait until that stuff is added before you join Almost Evil Girls. A wait and see policy would be the way to go with Almost Evil Girls.


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