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Amateur Canada review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Amateur Canada is an exclusive site with Canadian teen girls filling the pages with amateur content. 900+ video clips and 30,000+ images of original material.

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Mads, 2005-12-08

Amateur, 18-23, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Exclusive content
- DVD quality video
- Canadian amateurs

First impression

My first thought on Amateur Canada is in fact that the design seems kinda nifty for an amateur site. The site doesn't look amateurish in that sense from the outside, but perhaps it's those sweet Canadian girls that welcome you right away on the front page that make me all sentimental.


Our opinion

And it's not by any means disappointing to be granted access to the member section of Amateur Canada either. Particularly not if one is into kinky amateurs having a good time, so let's dive right into this...

The navigation of the site is simple and logical by means of a topbar menu which grants you access to all the goodies. However, there was another feature that caught my attention right away - the interactive Canadian map just below the topbar which enables you to browse the models by regional stats. This is quite an interesting feature and it sure must be a treat for those lucky Canadian fellows.

Whether you decide to go for the regional navigation or the traditional topbar, I bet you won't be disappointed. The models are the real deal and they sure have a good time in front of the camera. The models are generally presented in a great way with large 131x170 and 360x260px thumbs, and being a male brute I particularly enjoyed the fact that each girl is presented with stats such as Age/Location, Sexuality, Status, Height/Weight, How Busty alongside additional information such as personal preferences. This adds a great deal of personality to the site.

Well, so far so good. I decided to go for a movie search and by means of the topbar menu I went for this section and found that the girls clips are presented by 160x107 px thumbs and that a model typically has between 4 and 9 clips per a scene. As I went for some of the action I discovered that there seemingly is little logic as to whether a clip is available for streaming and download or streaming only. Anyway, the download rate is 100-110 kBps for a 25 MB video clip on a solid broadband line (approximately 5 minutes per clip which also is relatively equivalent to the clip length). This is quite reasonable particularly for an amateur site. Streaming is optimized for IE and is not suited for alternative browsers which e.g. means that Firefox is bound to return a javascript error on play. In Internet Explorer the streaming load reasonably fast and it flows uninterrupted.

The 320x240 resolution and 700 kbps bitrate of the wmv video clips is by no means mind blowing and the clips are reasonably small, but keeping the nature of the site in mind I think it's what one should expect, and even though this isn't optimal for full screen viewing it doesn't make it a waste of time. In fact you got an additional option of buying collected movie scenes with each amateur girl on VHS or DVD for $13 from the member section. It's a great option, but I actually think this is a bit cheesy considering the fact that the front page advertises DVD quality movies in side, and not a shop. Anyway, maybe that's just me?!

As far as my algebra goes there're about +100 movie scenes available inside which makes for approximately 900 clips altogether. I think that's pretty decent despite the fact that the clips aren't very long and it's definitely more than fair for an amateur themed site... and again; let me emphasize that these Canadian girls are not shy about their business.

Well, after some quality time in the video section, I decided to take a stroll to the Photo section and I was pleased to discover that this site in fact contains +30,000 photos altogether, which is a LOT of original material. This material is divided into 2 main sections "Canadian - exclusives" and "Canadian Hotties" (which is basically new and older photos) and I left with square eyes but without a square mind.

The pics can be navigated by a regular photoset gallery view with progressing action presented in 100x76 px thumbnails. You can also view basic specs about the pictures and rate them individually which is nice. As far as the picture quality goes one can choose between 1280x680 or 640x480px and there are a few zipped archives available for download as well. This is not a consequent option, though. Anyway, I guess what really DOES matter is the fact that these Canadian girls are dedicated and put their share of personality on the content which indeed is kinky and hardcore to the bone.


Well, I could go on forever and mostly in a positive tone, but I think most has been said and perhaps it's time to take a look yourself.

I'll end my review by concluding that Amateur Canada is a very consistent amateur site which is updated every 10 days minimum, which definitely could bear to be more often, but again; this site does cover some ground already. In fact the girls are very nice and as such the site proves that there're some attractive Canadian chicks out there, particularly if you like the natural girl-next-door look.

I do think the quality of some of the videos could be better and in this way there's room for improvement, but again I don't think a better quality is a premise for enjoying the content, and this particularly goes for the massive picture library.

So hail to the maple leaf and not least the fact that there's more to Canada than rough country, truckers and ice hockey... just take a peek behind the surface.

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